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Writing Information

Be Your Own Literary Agent and Get Published

So you're one of 20 million Americans who want to write a book. If you've already written a manuscript, chances are you're looking for agent representation.

How to Catch the Writing Bug

----------------------------------------------------------Permission is granted for the below article to forward,reprint, distribute, use for ezine, newsletter, website,offer as free bonus or part of a product for sale as longas no changes are made and the byline, copyright, and theresource box below is included. ---------------------------------------------------------- How to Catch the Writing Bug By Stephen Bucaro If you earn income as a writer, or use writing as amarketing tool, you know how difficult it can be at timesto write.

Keys to Characterisation

Far too many inexperienced writers create flat, stereotypical characters: the brave fireman, the damsel in distress, the strict schoolmistress. The best characters are those who evoke emotions within the reader - fear, admiration, affection, laughter, horror? If the writer fails to make us care about the characters, no matter how ingenious the plot, we will toss the story aside without a second thought.

Balance Your Life

Balance your life----------------------- Writing is a solitary task. Writing needs concentration and quiet.

Persisting With Bulldog Determination

Persisting With Bulldog Determination [Book excerpt from Successercising}by Rick Gettle 2003-2004Ninety-five percent of all new businesses go out of business within the first five years or less.Why Do They Fail?There are many starters in life - but very few finish what they start.

Want to start a publishing revolution?

Calling all publishers, editors, journalists and freelance writers. It's time to breathe more life into your copy.

Writing About Writing

What am I going to write about?Which topic is the best?Who is going to be interested in my article? You can ask yourself endless questions on 'what' is going to be the subject of your article. Don't despair! This is not a problem .

Hunting for Markets Over the Holidays

Chances are, you'll be busy over the next several weeks. Between preparing for, celebrating, and unwinding from the holidays it may be difficult to maintain your regular writing routine.

Boost Your Income With Trade Journals

Why would anyone want to write for trade journals? Aren't the topics are dry? Don't they require specialized knowledge? Not necessarily. You may want to consider trade journals to increase the potential market for your articles - and for the money.

Recipe for a Style Guide

Wired Online has recently announced its plans to drop capitalization in internet, web, and net, but Wired Magazine continues to capitalize these words. Which should you do? For the most part, it's up to you.

Applying KISS Principle in Writing

I have added a new word to my vocabulary. Logorrhea.

10 Tips To Help You Pack More Power Into Your Business Writing

1. Before you write anything down define not what you want to say, but what your message must achieve.

How To Be A Published (Non-Fiction) Author

1. Turning your idea into a bookWith non-fiction books the question of whether or not to write one has to be a business decision, rather as you would take over any new product or service.

How To Write More Powerful Reports

There is one key difference between reports and most other forms of business writing, and we get a hint of that in the word, "report." Whereas with many other forms of written comms you can be a little creative and put your own slant on your words, in a report you must not.

Five Golden Rules for Writers

Regardless of what sort of writer you are and how much you love to write, there are probably days when you'd rather clean ditches than face another blank page.As writers, we face common challenges; staying motivated and confident, avoiding "writer's block," and meeting goals (on time!) are some of the toughest.

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Writing and Speaking:Writing Articles from EzineArticles.com
05/06/2017 01:46 PM
How to Write a Non Fiction Book in 7 Days Flat: 5 New Rules for Marketers & Brand Builders
Who else would love to write a non fiction book in 7 days or less? Think that sounds too good to be true? Think that you've got to write a BAD book if you write it quickly, or with a system?
05/02/2017 08:29 AM
Writing 101: 7 Deadly Sins of Business Writing
When it comes to writing, there are always going to be DOs and DONTs. But some are more, shall we say, fatal than others.
04/30/2017 10:00 AM
Translating Thoughts Into Writing
Writing is not just about stringing words into syntactically acceptable sentences, but is basically about turning words into the carriers of ideas, and this might be a tricky thing to say or do because words are not empty of meaning. They carry meaning and some of them actually carry fully formed concepts, like, say, liberty or freedom or feminism. These are not just words.
04/25/2017 02:16 PM
So You Want To Write A Book, But Don't Know How?
According to the New York Times, over 80% of people think they have a book in them. Do you? Do you want to write YOUR life story? A family member's? Someone else you know? Do you want to write a book about something you know a lot about (career, hobby, lifestyle etc)?
04/17/2017 02:06 PM
6 Things To Do When You Have Writer's Block
Writer's block doesn't have to stop you in your tracks.Here are a 6 simple strategies to work through writer's block and get back to being productive.
04/13/2017 05:00 PM
Gothic Sublime
Gothic literature is sublime and let's ascertain the reasons for it being so. I would like to use the following paraphernalia for doing it. They are New Criticism, Existentialism, Psychoanalysis, Marxian Criticism, Deconstruction and Feminism.
04/10/2017 03:07 PM
Writing a Landing Page
These tips and techniques will get you started, but they just scratch the proverbial surface. Design elements are critical, too - color, images, layout - as well as video, audio, and other interactivity elements whose purpose is to more deeply engage the reader and boost response. They all merit a deeper look and testing where it makes sense.
04/06/2017 12:42 PM
How to Write a Scientific Journal
You must have already mastered the art of writing a scientific journal if you are a researcher. But for independent scientists, writing research papers is a trying experience. Remember, even for experienced people the first draft will be far from perfect.
04/06/2017 11:38 AM
Things You Need to Know About Plagiarism
You will learn how to recognize when some article is not original. Plagiarism is the main topic. This text can also help a reader to improve their writing skills.
03/29/2017 03:39 PM
Stand Out In The Job Market
Resume writing services, what to look for. Editing and polishing of your existing resume and/or cover letter. Fresh write up following an information gathering process.
03/28/2017 04:34 PM
Write What You (Don't) Know
Writing from a different point of view is hard, exciting, and revealing. It's good practice to write something that you've never tried before.
03/28/2017 04:33 PM
Oops! There's That Semi-Colon Again
Sometimes our writing is ruined by the simplest things: semi-colons, repeated words. It's amazing what you miss the first/second/third time around. See if your copy has any of these "ticks":
03/28/2017 12:57 PM
When You Cannot Write Any More
Writer's Block, they call it. I call it having the creativity sucked out of you. It leaves a void that can only be filled with creative joy and the weaving of words to convey the pictures and feelings in your mind and body.
03/26/2017 10:16 PM
How Do Freelance Writers Overtake Professional Writers?
Company name may give an idea about your earnings to an individual? There are writers who work in reputable companies but do not earn good salaries? Factors that define expertise of writers are their knowledge and competence.
03/20/2017 09:13 AM
Why Do You Need a Grammar Checker Quickly?
With so many people around speak in English; is it possible to know that who is using right and who is using wrong English? When we talk about wrong English, it basically means using the wrong grammar, incorrect sentence formation or the wrong way pronouncing words.
03/16/2017 12:52 PM
The 21st Century Approach in Learning The English Language
This article was penned based on authentic observations in my Year 10 CIE O' Level English classrooms. I came up with the following conclusions after observing tirelessly my students' behaviours whenever they are about to be exposed to new ideas, topics and the relevant units within the mandatory syllabus. My observations and the trouble-shooting methods overcoming their writing barriers have yield the sweetest of fruits.
03/10/2017 08:30 AM
Know Your Subject
It is vitally important that you establish from the very beginning what you will be writing about. And while it may go without saying, it is still worth saying over and over again that you must know your subject.
03/02/2017 08:47 AM
That Moment When Your Book Is Released Into The World
Have you experienced the feeling of releasing your book into the world? If not, you are going to love it.
02/16/2017 10:55 AM
Galvanizing Thematic Grammar Challenges Via Catalyzing Titles
Making a difference in search for unique classroom materials to be able to maneuver students' language engagement is a highly appreciated pedagogic move. This is an upshot of teachers' creativity through eyeing appropriate resources of incomparable features that elicit thought-provoking instructions to enrich learners' linguistic level for operative macro skills. It is a fact that speaking, listening, reading and writing require increasing grammar knowledge to communicatively serve. At this juncture, the main concern of this idea is to manipulate popular titles in a way that grammar are stimulated while the lesson's theme is created through students' constructed responses linked to titles contexts. In the real world, these may emerge from literary, fiction and non-fiction of varied genre and forms such as novels, fables, short stories, essays, biographies, poems, news, editorials, films, music, paintings, books, among others where they serve as arts' driving power, to motivate audience's or readers' discoveries. They are the promises of any composition that are expressed literally or figuratively nevertheless lead to the establishment of common thoughts. In addition, it is recommended that teachers give backgrounds of the titles when considering these inputs.
02/16/2017 08:38 AM
The Coming of Age of America: Atomic Bombs, Transistor Radios, and Footsteps on the Moon
History is a great teacher. Recent media rumbles of a return to the Cold War era with Russia are reminders of several decades ago when the U.S. was coming of age. During the late 1950's and early 60's, especially, great change was taking place. While the quality of life improved, stockpiles of atomic bombs were built, and technology became the wave of the future.
01/30/2017 08:57 AM
Everyday Versus Every Day: Do You Complete Your Everyday Chores Every Day?
The words "everyday" and "every day" are words all of us use many, many times a day. When we say them, there is no difference because they sound exactly the same, but when we write them there is a definite difference. In this article you will learn the difference between the two and the correct way to use them in written language.
01/23/2017 11:18 AM
Sharpening Your Writing Skill
The art of communication has evolved over the years through different media. The need for a proficient writing skill can not be over emphasize with the increasing need for written communication through the internet writing, emails and lots of other means.
01/17/2017 12:27 PM
20 Square Feet Room
I am planning to write a story. A real life story- which happened to me 10 years back. I would like to look back and thank the Lord for sustaining me through the spiritual journey.
01/15/2017 11:53 AM
Write and Win Money
For those of you who love to write. Why not make some money at this? If you are interested in philosophy or spiritual matters, look carefully.
01/13/2017 09:08 AM
Writing Saves Time - Take the Time to Write Your to-Do or to-Buy List - Live With More Focus
~*Hi folks! There's a lot of folks out there that are more than just multi-tasking to survive... Most of us are taking on the responsibilities of more people than just ourselves. I am always seeking ways of organizing and managing my time to flow more fluidly and accomplish more tasks with positive outcomes in less time. Having a natural ease in the way of doing things is less demanding and encourages time for more fun-loving activities! A day is always the same amount of time for everyone, though list makers have more direction in how they want their time to be managed. Writing a list has more to do with a desired, efficient, goal-focused outcome and less to do with being rigid about chores and habits. Grab your do-to list, read, do, complete and flourish in all of your efforts ~
01/10/2017 09:32 AM
How To Use Content Marketing To Build Your Digital Brand
Content Marketing is crucial for the success of your online business because in today's competitive world this is the only marketing left, which tell your complete story to the world. When it comes to digital brand, these both are different things but they complement each other.
01/09/2017 09:22 AM
How to Conquer Dreams & Goals to Start Living the Dream Life
Have you been putting your dreams on hold because they're out of your comfort zone? Here are some thoughts on how to conquer dreams and really start living.
01/06/2017 08:58 AM
How To Write For Children
Most of us have a fond memory of being young and snuggling up with an amazing book for bedtime. Children's books manage to transport the already vivid imaginations of children and take them elsewhere.
01/04/2017 04:21 PM
Self-Doubt Got You Down? Here's A Helpful Little Tip for Writers
Got self-doubt about your writing work? Here's a helpful tip to help you get back to writing.
01/03/2017 11:46 AM
How to Find Balance Between Writing Books & Marketing Your Work
A lot of writers struggle to find balance between writing and marketing. How do we do one without getting discouraged by the other? Here are some thoughts.
01/03/2017 09:02 AM
3 Simple Things To Do for Your New Year's Writing Plan
How committed are you to your writing? Do you have a plan of action for reaching your writing goals? It is critical to have this plan in place so that it will function as a deed of accountability, and then you should stick to it.
12/29/2016 08:20 AM
Writing Adds Life to Stories, Romance or Entertaining Content - Enjoy All That Writing Entails
*** If you are passionate enough to defend your stance on stories, romance or entertaining content, then by all means enjoy all that writing entails... Dive into the archives like eating a piece of raw fruit, so tasty that you wish to savor it till the end. Dive into the details and click, flip or jump in your car and visit the site where your novel relies on you to provide amazing, stimulating hyperbole, for great insight into your location, spare no details.~
12/29/2016 08:17 AM
3 Simple and Profitable Ways to Make More Money From Your Blog
Having a blog is a great way to make money online. But what if you don't know how to do it? How do bloggers make money? Well you don't have to wonder any more because I'm about to tell you the 3 simplest ways to make money from every blog post you write.
12/19/2016 08:43 AM
How Teachers Can Detect Plagiarism
Plagiarism is unacceptable. The best thing to do is to prevent plagiarism from occurring but this is easier said than done. As a teacher, you may come across numerous instances when a paper has been plagiarised and you need to look for warning signs so that detection becomes easy.
12/19/2016 08:33 AM
Readers May Be Leaders, But Writers Are Fighters!
Reading is a must. It's a great place to start on learning how to become a leader. However, if we're going to be leaders, we need to have a voice. Nothing better for having a voice than taking up the almighty pen and writing away...
12/16/2016 08:06 AM
Keeping Your Target Audience Happy Through Your Content
Your content may be informative, educational, and compelling. However, are you certain that it makes your target audience happy on a deeper level?
12/14/2016 08:22 AM
3 Steps to Earning a Full-Time Income From Writing, In Just 12 Months
I'm a full-time writer and I earn all my income from writing. People always ask me how I do it and I always tell them the same thing. I write. That's it. It's not difficult but it does take consistency to actually sit down and write every day. And I'm going to show you 3 simple steps to help you do the same.
12/13/2016 09:14 AM
Successful Newsletter Writing - How to Write a Newsletter For Customers
Newsletter writing is one of the oldest modes of spreading the word about your business. Despite the technological era that we live in today, newsletter writing still proves to be the most widespread and effective way of boosting an organization.
12/12/2016 09:59 AM
Coming Up With Compelling Headlines
The blank page can be extremely overwhelming when you sit down to write your content. In fact, many people feel that it is extraordinarily intimidating. However, if you are able to write an effective headline, the rest of your content will follow more easily.
12/12/2016 07:58 AM
Do You Like to Be Called a Writer or Author or None of the Above?
Apparently, there are many words to describe people like me, people who write that is. We call them authors, writers, creators, and crazy. Soon, we may not even consider them people, as most writing in the future will be done by artificial intelligence. Funny, but much of what you read today online isn't even coming from a real person - rather, it is computer generated. How much? No one knows for sure, but it's probably more than 10% now. That's a scary thought, and you were worried about the Russians and the so-called "Fake News" of the alternative media, not me. I am more concerned with larger forces coercing our behavior, society, and civilization, controlling us by our daily intake of information, manipulating us with AI.
11/28/2016 03:36 PM
Tips To Make Your Content Visible
Content is anything that adds value to your website that grabs the attention of its visitors. Google loves unique content, therefore; it is a must to update it on a regular basis. However, creating content is not enough to get results you also have to distribute it.
11/28/2016 02:29 PM
How to Use Content Marketing To Pre-Sell Your Next Book
The key to what makes content marketing work so well for self-published book promotion is that it allows you to pre-sell your audience on the idea of buying your book. When your audience is warmed up before they see your book offer, they arrive on your sales page feeling like buying your book is the natural step to take next.
11/22/2016 10:18 AM
Guided Writing Through Silent Motion Picture's Visual Passages
Writing skill is a productive student's ability under the macro skills including listening, reading, and speaking. One creative way to hone one's ability of this written form of communication is the employment of a conceptualized contemporary guided writing approach applicable to either non-native or native speakers. In this strategy, the exploration of worthy film passages where comprehension of ideas and manipulation of appropriate grammar structures and writing mechanics through images and sequence of actions are methodologically processed.
11/17/2016 08:05 AM
How to Be True to Yourself As a Writer
Writers tend to simply write without much conscious forethought. Many of us are not even conscious why we write what we write or why we focus on what we focus on in our writing career. In this article, I will show you how to be true to yourself as a writer.
11/17/2016 08:05 AM
Accept the Good and Bad Parts of Writing
It may be hard to realize but just as with life there are good and bad parts to the writing life. However, I believe that the good aspects of the writing life far outstrip the bad ones. A true writer loves to write period. She comes into her office every day hoping and expecting the best to happen. The very act of writing can help writers feel fulfilled and inspired. However, to experience fulfillment, writers have to write consistently. That is how they can reap all the positive benefits of writing and when one's writing career can really be most enjoyable. In this article, I will show you how to do this.
11/14/2016 03:16 PM
Writing Is Easy - Utilize an Editor and Finalize With an Established Publisher
Writing helpful interesting content is easy- Now go on, get started!*** Did you know that the hardest part of writing is not the inspiration, tone of your subject, or even your delivery, NOPE, the hardest part is in the editing!** Yep, I said it! ~ The real truth behind a good writer is having a great editor that can go back after you have edited your writing and re-edit your writing again! It is best to edit again, before the final release of your writing is submitted for approval.~ The reason that writers should not worry about editing, until the end of the writing process, is that it places a block or a pause on the flow of that part of your mind that is formulating thoughts to release the thoughts in your mind and to write as the thoughts are released. Much akin to riding a bike, you don't want to stop every 5 minutes to correct yourself, you wanna ride and flow freely, then go back and fix your feet on the peddles or adjust your seat as needed for a more comfortable, easier, smoother flowing ride. **Publishing should be selected wisely, after all your hard work in writing!
11/14/2016 10:33 AM
How to Find the Best Grant Writers for Hire
These days, many businesses are looking for the services of grant writers to get some benefits. They are aware of the fact that technical and professional grant writers can be very beneficial for them.
11/04/2016 08:40 AM
Why the World Need Value Added Writers
In this modern age, writers must strive to add values to others. They must use carefully chosen words to persuade their readers to buy into their product or service. Words are powerful.
11/03/2016 10:25 AM
A Guide to Alternative Handwriting and Shorthand Systems
Longhand is well adapted to be read, but very ill adapted to be written. Longhand is indeed more cursive to learn, but only around 10% quicker than printing. As such, alternative handwriting systems and shorthand provide 100% improvement in writing convenience and speed. Also, they ensure that no one can be able to decipher your writing unless they are well conversant with the system you employ. So, learning alternative handwriting systems is both fun and practical in every sense of the terms.
11/02/2016 03:43 PM
The Three Rules for Writing A Novel
"There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are." I love quotes like this one from Somerset Maugham. He describes perfectly the illogical, irrational craft of writing fiction.

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