Time Management Information

Time Management Information

Schedule Time for Interruption

One of the most challenging situations people face when planning their day is how to stick to their schedule when they are constantly being interrupted.   Just when your activities are organized, someone else's emergency seems to get in the way.

Find The Time -- Before Its Too Late!

People always seem to be in such a hurry, everywhere I go.  Always rushing to get to the next thing, as if someone is holding a stopwatch over their head, timing them to the second.

Use Your Time Wisely!

When I was small, I have never considered the importance of time.I would just laze around, watch TV, lie in bed, and play videogames.

Balancing Your Work, Family and Social Life

Balancing Your Work, Family and Social LifeBy Gene Griessman, PhD             Many of us have an image of personal balance as a set of scales in perfect balance every day. But that's an unrealistic goal.

Handling Procrastination


Doing Things We Dread

As I sit here in front of the computer I am breaking through on something that I have been tolerating for weeks now? actually sitting down to write this newsletter.  I wasn't blocked for ideas - I had a list of them.

Is the Goal to Reach the Goal?

In this fast and crazy world, we want to multi-task at every given moment. After all, how else can we accomplish all that needs to be done in only 24 hours? We've been taught that if we reach all of our goals in a day, week, month, or year, we are successful.

Whats Keeping You At The Office (9 Tips To Get Home Quicker)

"Work smarter, not harder" is a cliché that has darted in and out of the workplace for years. But it's still as true as ever.

Time Mastery vs. Time Management - Knowing the Difference

How much time do you spend on Mastering Your Time?  I don't mean managing time.  There is quite a difference between managing and mastering your use of time.

Living Life In A Time Starved World

Recently I saw an advertisement for a time management booklet: "Shorter deadlines, competing priorities, endless meetings, interruptions and even higher quality expectations are just some of today's time challenges. And yet the number of hours in the day remains the same.

The Ultimate Time Management Tips: 5 Steps To Reaching Your Goals With Minimum Work

Would you like to know how to get 10 times more done in a day than most people do in a week, with less work?Then listen closely. You're about to discover the ONE time management and productivity secret that really works.

31 Ways to Get An Extra Hour Out of Each Day

How can you get an extra hour out of each day? For many small business owners this is a daily challenge. I myself have often wished that there were 27 hours in the day.

How To Better Handle Your Mail

Letters, magazines, bills, flyers, what to do with them all. There should be only two responses to every piece of mail or e-mail, do something with it, or toss it! The best way, as always, to deal with it all is in an organized fashion.

9 Proven Principles for Increasing Productivity, Profit and Peace of Mind

Do you feel guilty about all the publications you purchase but never read -- or the articles you read with great ideas or opportunities you never implement? Are you spending time recreating marketing materials because you cannot find what you wrote the preceding month or year? Do you run out the door for an appointment at the last minute because you could not find your keys or the directions you needed to get where you are going? Are you frequently feeling tired and overwhelmed? Do the people you care about express frustration at your disorganization or want to spend more time with you? If so, "getting organized" should be high on your priority list!One of the continual frustrations in my career as a professional organizing consultant has been people's misconceptions about what it means to be "organized." Visions of unrealistically tidy desks and impossible mandates such as "Handle a piece of paper only once" conjure up feelings of frustration and impossibility.

Tips to Save One Hour Per Day

At Home? Keep related items together, for example the coffee filters and coffee "live" above or near the coffee maker. (saves 2-5 minutes a day)? Create a communication center on the fridge for messages, chores etc.

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Self Improvement:Time Management Articles from EzineArticles.com
11/13/2017 12:23 PM
6 Actionable Ways To Get More Done In Less Time
This blog post is about 6 simple, doable and actionable ways to get more out of the time at hand for you. Time management is a very crucial art in today's times, especially when everything around us is here to distract us from prioritizing our goals. It is a quick and productive read, a good use of your next 5 minutes!
10/26/2017 02:36 PM
The Right Attitude for Time Management
Having the Right Attitude! The critical things about time management are the desire to change and the dedication to implementation of time management practices.
10/24/2017 11:44 AM
How to Gauge Time Management Failure
Many people do take their time management skills seriously and what generally happens is that they do not accomplish their goals when they need to. Managing time is a very important skill that not only has to be developed but instituted as a routine discipline otherwise you will always fall short of accomplishing your desired goals. The problem managing your time properly is that people lack the formula that it takes for the time management skills process to actually work, and it is simpler than you think.
10/21/2017 10:37 AM
Open to New Beginnings Each Day, Each Moment - Start Right Now!
Choosing to open up to the new is an enriching decision that you have the power to make in every single moment of your life. How often do you actually give yourself that gift, though?
10/20/2017 08:21 AM
Challenges and Choices - Making Lemonade Out of Lemons
Life challenges crop up everywhere and present us with hurdles, large and small. Whether it's a small annoyance or a major upheaval, we are constantly making choices about how to manage challenges. What you make of your challenges, in very fundamental ways. determines your path in life.
10/13/2017 08:06 AM
Be Thankful for Little As Well As for Much
The attitude of gratitude is a transformational time tool. How often do you use it?
09/05/2017 08:35 PM
Greet Your Aging With Energy and Openness, and Avoid These 3 Time Traps
Aging is one of those sneaky surprises. Intellectually, you know that with each birthday you grow older. However, some of the consequences of growing older can creep up on you, giving you an emotional jolt and leaving you without a plan, or even without the time required to make the necessary adjustments. When you find yourself in that spot, you know you've fallen into a time trap!
09/05/2017 08:35 PM
Encouraging Words Are So Powerful - They'll Help You Find Energy and Time
Self-talk is a time and energy tool that many people overlook. You'll be amazed at the powerful boost that encouraging words will give you when you start using them with yourself.
09/05/2017 08:35 PM
Lists Help When You're Too Busy by Half - Are You Fully Utilizing This Powerful Tool?
When it comes to staying on top of tasks and reducing stress, lists are among the best tools going. Here are some list-making tips for busy people with busy lives.
08/11/2017 11:35 AM
Is Being Productive ALWAYS the Best Use of Your Time?
Productivity is something everyone is encouraged to strive for. But let's step back for a moment. Rather than just accepting that assumption, have you ever asked yourself if productivity is always all that it's cracked up to be?
08/11/2017 11:34 AM
Reflection Time - Build It Into Your Schedule to Power Up Your Productivity
Your schedule is a key tool for optimizing your productivity. And when you schedule the time to reflect you are NOT being unproductive. In fact, you're giving yourself a gift.
08/11/2017 11:32 AM
How To Get Control Of Your Time
Many people go through life without finding any satisfaction in the simple fact of being alive. Yet this lifetime is the only time we will have - we had better make the most of it. Few of us do, of course. We act as if this time were just a practice run for the next. As George Bernard Shaw said, we seem not to live long enough to take our lives seriously.
08/10/2017 08:12 AM
Has The Heat Slowed Your Productivity?
Are you feeling guilty because you're essentially getting nothing done? Maybe it's the heat; maybe it's the season; maybe it's supposed to be a way of forcing us to slow down and be more present? Read on and file the guilt under "Another Day!"
07/08/2017 11:51 AM
Clear Out the Clutter That Procrastination Creates on Your To Do List
Procrastination eats up your time, energy and confidence. Here are 3 tips for removing procrastination clutter from your to-do list.
07/08/2017 11:50 AM
Perfectionism Buster: Let Your Wise Inner Voice Weigh In
What you say to yourself is very powerful. Discover ways you can use your wise inner voice to counter the perfectionistic messages you give yourself.
06/24/2017 09:18 AM
Does Time Exist or Is It an Illusion of Man's Creation?
This question is posed because in space there is no time. On earth we gauge time by the cycles of the earth around the sun. Days divided into segments are man's invention designed to better communicate with each other.
06/22/2017 02:43 PM
7 Proven Tips to Master Your Time
"The bad news is time flies. The good news is you are the pilot." Are you envious of your co-worker who constantly accomplishes more than you?
06/11/2017 11:11 AM
Overwhelmed? You Know, Stepping Away Sometimes Saves the Day!
When you're overwhelmed, what's your first response? For many of us, the knee-jerk reaction is to increase our efforts immediately...
06/11/2017 11:10 AM
Nourish Your Way Through Your Transitions
The seasons offer us models of transitions. And if you think about it, so do the daily changes of the morning, noontime, evening, etc.
06/11/2017 11:09 AM
Dance With Change by Coordinating Your Intuition With Your Calendar
Finding time in periods of change and transition requires reestablishing balance. This is a skill that you can develop and hone for yourself.
06/05/2017 10:01 PM
How Marshmallows Can Help Overcome Workplace Distractions
Discover the key to overcoming workplaces distractions and working in a more focused and productive way. Marshmallows just may hold the key to getting more done in less time despite the distractions around you from emails, texts and conversations.
06/05/2017 10:00 PM
The Multitasking Myth Exposed
The secret to greater productivity and enjoyment while you work is to stop multitasking, especially if you think you are good at it. Discover the smart alternative instead.
06/01/2017 11:40 AM
Why I Ditched My Smart Phone, Television, and Microwave
Smart phones, television, and microwaves can be a devastating time waster if used too often. This article explains why I ditched them and what I gained from doing so.
05/17/2017 11:46 AM
Do Not Allow External Forces To Control Your Time And Ultimately Your Life
Only a few people you know may be managing their time wisely. If you are NOT one among them, it means that you are allowing others to control your time. Your co-workers may seek your help for sticking to their deadlines or your spouse or other members of your family may need your time for finishing some of the tasks they do not wish to carry out. There may also be people who may want you to take part in their gossip sessions. If you accede to these requests, you may not have time for yourself. This means you should have complete control over your life by controlling your time. Read on.
05/11/2017 10:15 PM
Is Your To Do List Feeling Like Your Enemy? This Will Help!
Finding time to set your time priorities is a key time management skill - and one that we often don't actually get to in the rush of daily life! Indeed, managing and following through on to-do lists is often a challenge in and of itself.
05/09/2017 10:24 PM
Time Heals All Things - It's A Myth
We've all heard it - time heals everything - nothing is further from the truth. Don't believe me - read on. First of all - time can't heal anything - it's time not a healing process, medical professional or medication. I know you probably think I'm starting off on the side of ridiculous. Well, just trying to get your attention.
04/19/2017 03:33 PM
Time Management For Students - 10 Tips For Effective Time Management
We are going to cover ten time management hacks, so you can make more time to do what you love, as well as study. All too often we ignore doing the things that we love and take care of ourselves. While studying, this is of particular importance.
04/16/2017 04:18 PM
Why We Love Time Management (And You Should, Too)
24 hours in a day is all that everybody has. It seems like sometimes that is not enough. The reason why it may not seem as it is not enough because you are not using your time wisely or correctly. Why is it that some people can accomplish so much in a day while other people struggle to accomplish any tasks? The answer better time management skills.
04/09/2017 12:11 PM
Jump-Start Your Day by Setting It Up the Night Before
Is it a challenge to get yourself going in the morning? If so, you're not alone.
04/08/2017 03:40 PM
Step Into the River of Time by Embracing Transitions and Changes
How you respond to transitions and changes will, to a very great extent, define how you experience your time and your life. It also has a profound effect on your energy, your focus, and ultimately your productivity and success.
04/08/2017 03:39 PM
Toxic Fear Is a Poisonous Time-Waster - Here Are Some Antidotes
Fear is the very last thing you need -- especially when you're busy or under pressure. But how often does it creep into your thinking, distracting and undermining you?
03/31/2017 05:35 AM
The Life That Works
Be calm. Be calm and not shocked about anything, and you will handle it better. I know of whence I write about. For, reality for even the most "lucky" of us has its troublesome moments that cause at least a little bit of worry when not dealt with calmly and effectively.
03/19/2017 03:25 PM
Strong Time Helps You Deepen Into Peace and Calm
Strong Time is a powerful concept that has its roots in the early 20th century. First described by the French sociologist Emile Durkheim, the core ideas about strong time were then expanded upon by the philosopher, teacher and writer Mircea Eliade.
03/16/2017 11:06 AM
Optimize Your Time With Proactive Communication
If you think you can manage time, look in the mirror. That's what you can manage: your own Attitudes, Behaviors and Activities. If you believe anything else, you might as well try to catch water in a sieve.
03/14/2017 08:28 AM
What You Can Accomplish With An Extra Hour
Do you always wish you had more time? Whether or not time is scientifically an illusion, our reality is based on time. Specifically, it is based on doing the most we can with the amount of time we have. There are 24 hours in a day, this is a constant, so there is no way to actually get time back, right?
03/10/2017 09:30 AM
Monday Blues to Rock: Strategies to Overcome Monday Morning Blues
Now it is Friday afternoon, the hectic work week is swiftly ending, and your last two hours of work are filled optimism as you think of a relaxing weekend. Unfortunately, the euphoria abruptly ends when faced with a long list of tasks that are either neglected or incomplete. Despite your best efforts, your weekend ends on a lethargic note as you reflect on ways to prepare for the dreaded day-Monday. If you have experienced this, you are not alone. Millions of Americans experience what is referred to as Monday Morning Blues (MMB) which experts define as a depressed mood that occurs after the weekend.
03/05/2017 01:22 PM
What Time Is It, Really?
When it comes to certain things, I am quite a bit confused. One thing has to do with time. What I want to know, what time is it? I do not know why time cannot be the same for everybody. After all, everybody is squirming about equal rights. Why can't we have equal time rights? Why do we have to split it up so much? If that is not enough, we have this idea of changing the time. Who in the world came up with such a stupid idea? You turn the clock ahead one hour and then a couple months later you turn it back one hour. What good does that accomplish?
03/02/2017 02:28 PM
5 Reasons to Plan for the Unknown
When you plan for the future, you may think about positive events such as marriage, starting a family, retirement or grandchildren. Yet there are other life changes such as job loss, illness, disability, or needed to care for a family member, that can take an emotional and financial toll. While it's natural to avoid thinking about these difficult events, it's short-sighted to ignore the possibilities.
02/23/2017 07:48 AM
Self-Leadership Challenge: The Two Biggest Time-Wasters That Great Self-Leaders Avoid
As an executive coach, I've reviewed the time logs of hundreds of senior managers and executives. In those logs, where leaders track their movements at 15-minute increments for two full weeks, the two biggest and most consistent time-wasters that great self-leaders avoid have jumped out from the page: (1) attending meetings and (2) writing/responding to emails. Does this sound familiar to you, too?
02/22/2017 11:51 PM
Top 3 Tips to Get Work and Tasks Done Everyday
Everyone in this world has tasks and work they need to do each and everyday and sometimes people need a little guidance on how to make sure it gets done as quickly and efficiently as possible. So here are the top three tips to get your work and tasks done each day.
02/22/2017 09:07 AM
Patience Is Not Simply Our Ability To Wait, It's How We Behave While We're Waiting
Patience is a virtue, and I'm learning patience. It's a tough lesson because it tests my convictions and priorities, faith and faithfulness patience and resilience, and in the end, my ultimate desires.
02/13/2017 11:44 AM
Finding Time - Have You Ever Used a Shopping Template?
Do you do your weekly food shopping on the weekend? And is it a chore that you dread?
02/13/2017 11:44 AM
Find Time for Sleep - It's A Key to Your Well-Being
Finding time to get enough sleep is among the greatest challenges that many people face in this busy world of ours. How many are chronically short on sleep?
02/13/2017 10:46 AM
Discipline or Rigidity? 4 Tips Help You Sort It Out
Planning is your key to finding time to get everything done. Indeed, if you don't plan, you'll find yourself at sea.
02/13/2017 08:49 AM
Life Interrupted: Resolutions and Habits
How are you doing with the promises you made so adamantly on New Year's Day? If you're falling by the wayside, I feel your pain! Let me share some of my own issues about following through, OK?"
02/02/2017 10:31 AM
The Importance of Time Management
As important as money management is, so is properly managing your time. We cannot buy time. And time is something you can't get back.
01/26/2017 02:02 PM
Time Is As Relevant As You Want It To Be: Your Perception Of Time
Time travel; It doesn't take much research into the topic to realize it's almost an entirely fictitious idea. Although you can't, to our current knowledge, bend space to travel to another time in your life, you can bend your perception of time pretty extraordinarily.
01/06/2017 09:53 AM
Self Improvement - The Importance of Getting Feedback
When you run a business or any service, the most important thing that you have to consider is the customer satisfaction. Along with this goes the employee satisfaction which is entirely the department of Human Resource management. In fact, if the employee's working in an organization will be happy only then they will be able to keep the customer happy and maintain good relations with them. Since, as industries shift from physical to more administrative level, so does the need for more highly trained staff.
01/03/2017 12:08 PM
Why Is Time So Elusive?
Have we ever really thought in depth about time, and why it is so elusive to so many? Time to exercise the brain, and do a little deep thinking on the matter. Maybe you'll save some time.
12/28/2016 11:08 AM
Time Management for Freelancers
It takes time to grow a freelance business; it takes time to establish yourself; and it takes time to make money. All of this can be nerve-wracking and cause countless sleepless nights.

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