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Average Sucks!

The very first "motivational speaker" I heard as an adult was a gentleman named Mort Utley.  I experienced his speech in May of 1989 in Nashville, Tennessee, at the end of a week of Sales School with the Southwestern Company.

Five Tips for Perfect Transition Decisions

You're considering a new career, new place to live or new business, retirement, or any other move. You ask, "Will I be happy?" If you remember the old, old song, "What will be" may not be the answer you're looking for.

What Am I Going To Do With The Rest Of My Life?

Unexpected life changes. Anticipated transitions.

Make The Second Half The Best Half

Something happens when you come to the intersection called mid-life; you can look back in retrospect and see your life from an entirely different context. For many this mid-life review brings about a sense of urgency that ignites what is formally called "the mid-life crisis".

Life Versus Lifestyle

There is a difference but what constitutes a life and what constitutes a lifestyle is pretty ambiguous.  One thing that seems pretty clear to me is the lifestyle is observable while a life can have many internal aspects to it.

The One-Two Punch for Success: Authenticity and Alignment

Have you ever felt as if you are beating your head against a wall?  You repeatedly try to reach a goal but you never seem to achieve it.  Instead you are struggling rather than moving forward and achieving your goals with grace and ease.

The Reasons Why We Fear Success

In the book, The SHOCKwealth System?, it is discussed that there are four fears that must be overcome in order to experience true success. One of those fears is the fear of success itself.

The Gravitational Pull of ANTs, WORMS & FEARS

What is an ANT? An ANT is an acronym for Automatic Negative Thoughts. What is a WORM? A WORM is a metaphor for deep-seated, unconscious beliefs that lye dormant in our consciousness analogous to a computer virus that only activates when a certain button is pushed on our keyboard.

Control Your Fear Before It Controls You

"Fear Factor" is one of my favorite TV shows.  It highlights the courage of the participants to engage inthe most fearsome and disgusting acts.

Live Your Life To The Fullest

Do you sometimes feel that you're living a boring life?  Youjust can't seem to find anything exciting.  You wake up in the morning, then do the same old rituals.

How To Use The Past, Future, And Present In Attaining Success

Did you know that your past, present, and future can affectdirectly or indirectly your outlook in life?  THE PAST Have you ever done something that is so regrettable you couldn'tforgive yourself? Have you ever made a mistake that up to the present time you're still blaming yourself? Are you still torturingyourself with the thought that only if you could've done it differently, you're living a much better life right now? Good news for you!  You don't have to keep this burden in your heartfor as long as you live.  Release it.

Creating A Life You Love

Imagine that right now, right here, today? there is within your grasp not one but several opportunities to redesign specific aspects of your life so that the sum total is a life you absolutely love. Then imagine that the only thing standing between you and your opportunities is a closed mind, fear, habits, concern, worry, drama, or perhaps mental, physical, and emotional clutter.

Wait, Thats Not on the Map

Back from my amazing summer excursion, a month long drive through Spain!  Well, I mean, I didn't do any of the driving, my partner did.  See, I only know how to drive an automatic and since we have a stick here in Belgium, my partner kindly agreed to do all the driving.

Self-Improvement Secrets

* Perfectionism is a time waster.Strive for excellence on important issues and ordinary best for everyday tasks.

Vision -- What Are You Doing Today Towards Achieving Your Vision?

Every man who accomplishes things sees first in his mind what he wishes to do. He puts away all doubt.

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02/21/2018 07:48 AM
The Keys To Getting What You Want
I would like to let you know what qualifies me to mentor you. My name is Dr. Mark L. Huddleston. I started my exciting journey April 14th, 1998. I experience a quantum shift in paradigms. I went from disbelieving to believing. I went from being a pessimist to an optimist. Instead of seeing the glass half empty, I began to see the glass half full and opportunity all around me. I will never forget that day as long as I live. I remember waking up in a total panic. I remember that I was totally broke. I was bringing home $7,000 a month and my rent on my apartment was only $800 a month. After all my bills were paid I had over $5,000 to myself to spend, so why was I broke?
02/12/2018 04:07 PM
Is Your Subconscious Set For Success?
Today you see a lot of people promoting the "Right mindset," and it's so saturated that you might be thinking "Oh not this crap again" I know I have gone through periods of those thoughts. But there is a reason you are being asked: "Is Your Subconscious Set For Success?" Something happened to me this month of November 2017 that made me think.
02/07/2018 04:29 PM
How To Be A Creator Of Circumstances
How to be a creator of circumstances rather than letting things just happen to you, is an idea that enters your mind when you realize that your thoughts somehow shape the reality you experience. Of course, opinions and beliefs influence the world around you, but how they affect you is your choice.
02/05/2018 11:58 AM
The 3 Requirements to Level Up Your Success
Everybody wants to know how to level up in the game of achieving success and there is a lot of great advice out there. The thing is, advice only gets you so far. you need to know what you're going for and how to get after it.
02/02/2018 09:14 AM
Good Business Wisdom - Know Your Herds
Watching and understanding the condition of your business is a key part of business success, a biblical principle taught centuries ago by King Solomon, the greatest businessman who ever lived. He had much to say that is as applicable today as it was in antiquity.
02/01/2018 08:16 AM
8 Ways To Awaken Your Greatness And Affirm Your True Power
To awaken your greatness requires unearthing your potential that lies dormant within you. Just as a miner who goes in search of diamonds and discovers the illustrious mineral, there are many who give up right before they strike it rich. Giving up does not mean the diamonds don't exist, for it is those who keep searching that eventually realise success. So it is with greatness. You must continue your quest to unearth it because undoubtedly it dwells within you waiting to emerge.
01/31/2018 04:11 PM
Why You Should Always Listen To Your Heart
How and why you should always listen to your heart is one of the best things I learned in life. When you follow it, it often leads you on the right path. It is when you do not comply with it that things go wrong. You might not always approve or like what it has to say. Yet, it is constantly honest with you.
01/25/2018 07:58 AM
Social Skills That Will Help You Become Accepted And Admired
It is everyone's true desire to be accepted and admired. Being accepted and Admired is entirely up to you. All it takes is the ability to pick up a few significant social skills that help build emotional awareness. There are some noteworthy social skills that can be learned quite quickly. There are several ways you can become more accepted and admired and become the most likable person around. The wonderful thing about all of this is that it is learnable.
01/22/2018 09:52 PM
New Year & Your New Career
Career well-being is feeling good about the work you do. It means you can truthfully answer "Yes!" to the question, "Do you like what you do each day?" We know that when our career well-being is solid and stable, we are healthier, happier and more successful over all. Career well-being doesn't happen by magic, of course. To achieve it, you need to act. So, if you want to turn in a new direction in this New Year, and you can feel and see (and even taste!) that you want more freshness in your life, I urge you to kick your resolve into gear and make it happen.
01/22/2018 08:16 AM
Running Out Of Time?
I'm not referring to your "TO DO" list for today or this week or taking the latest and greatest time-management seminar to get tips on how to manage time (managing time - a myth by the way - but I'll save that and your time for a future article). Regarding the title - not teasing you with morbidity - just realistic, practical and/or as genuine as possible.
01/16/2018 11:08 AM
Super Tips For Turning Failure Into Success
How to Turn Failure Into Success - Acceptance, Communication, Success - DO NOT Let Failure Affect Your Self Worth - "Success is failure turned inside out." Author unknown. I honestly wish I knew who wrote this so I could thank him for giving me a guide to what success looks like.
01/14/2018 10:25 AM
The Perils Of Comparison
I can't tell you how many people I have met during my world travels when only after a few minutes of conversation they started comparing themselves to someone or something else. A competitor, a celebrity, a fellow employee or even someone they didn't even know. Why do we need personal validation by comparison? Why do we need to feel better or worthier than others? And why can't we accept who we are, what we have accomplished, our flaws and mistakes, our failures and disappointments without the ego's need to compare and look better than others?
01/14/2018 10:24 AM
There Is No Beauty Without Struggle
In the course of our life, we have to agree that there is no beauty without struggle. No one likes to hear the story of someone who got everything easily. People want to listen to the stories of men and women who, while born in the valley of struggle, endured pain and turned their battles into a gift.
01/07/2018 06:37 PM
What Is The Source Of Your Personal Value?
Each of us has a self-perception of our own personal value. Some people use money, wealth and net worth while others use position, power or influence and still others us legacy, fame and reputation or status. But there are also many who measure or value themselves based on service, humility, generosity and modesty. Have you got an opinion which of these are better or more valuable to define you? Better still - which ones do you use as a self-measurement? Even better still (I know getting old) how do you think most people who know you reasonably well, would define you? Could be scary.
01/07/2018 06:36 PM
How To Become Your True Self
If you are reading this, then, learning how to become your true self is one thing you and I have in common. We share this immense desire to transform our lives and go beyond our current way of life. But sadly, most people live their lives pretty much the same way, having no clue to why they exist.
01/04/2018 04:24 PM
Build A Life Instead Of Settling For One
For many, it may sound crazy to build a life instead of settling for one, but what if I tell you that your dreams and ideas define who you are. And, when you pay attention to them, they provide you with a road map to follow to achieve a life that will bring you joy, satisfaction, happiness and even success.
01/02/2018 08:21 AM
The Way to Be Successful in Life
The key driver in the new economy is the e-business revolution and it will transform every industry sector. Salespeople, marketers, advertisers, leaders and just about everyone responsible for global expansion, operating efficiency and unleashing of human potential will need to hone up on their influencing skills.
12/31/2017 04:01 PM
Ever Been Lost?
As you begin another new year let me ask you - have you ever felt lost in any area of life? Feel lost at some point last year? Don't want to live the coming year lost? I could go on, but I know your time and attention span is short so on to my purpose of this short article. Years ago - without your GPS lady if you got lost you had to stop at a local gas station or some business to ask for directions or you just could have stayed wandering in hopes of eventually finding your way to your destination.
12/31/2017 03:56 PM
Outside Success Follows Inside Success
Mohammed Ali said he was the greatest way before he was the greatest. He believed deep inside that he was and it came true. What about you?
12/27/2017 08:31 AM
Is It Ever Too Late To Make A Second Impression?
Trust me, standing in front of 1000 people I can assume (I hate assumptions) that at least 10% of the audience doesn't like me before I open my mouth. Never had that experience? Well, how about meeting a blind date for the first time hoping that you don't do or say something stupid? Never had that experience either? OK, how about waiting for an interview for a job you need to get for any number of reasons and you just hope they will approve of you and your resume, experience and yes, the color of your hair, the shoes you are wearing and how tall or short you are?
12/23/2017 10:31 AM
Why Mistakes Lead To Massive Inner Growth When You Live Purposefully
It's certain if you're reading this that you've made mistakes throughout your life, some of which you may regret. Mistakes are unavoidable because they are sewn into the fabric of life and none are immune to them. You might fear making mistakes because you believe they are damaging. Sometimes they are, for example taking a wrong dose of medication, cheating on your spouse or illegal activities. But primarily we are talking about life's mistakes related to: career, finances, business, health, etc.
12/21/2017 03:39 PM
How to Make Dreams Come True - 10 Practical Ways
Each new year people outline goals to attain during or before the year runs out, on the long run it is noticed that most people become dissatisfied with their achievements, some call it a quit, while some may get distracted or discouraged. What can help one to achieve his set goals? In this article we will be considering 10 practical ways to do so
12/11/2017 04:17 PM
Dreams Do Not Work Unless You Do
In life, it is a fact that dreams do not work unless you do. Yet, as if by some miracle, a lot of people wait for things to happen to them. While the law of attraction states that you have to picture and focus on what you want, you must also take the necessary actions to make your dreams a reality.
12/11/2017 10:25 AM
Achieve Success Through Judicious Use of Your Time
Success begins from using your time to make the right choices. As the saying goes, time waits for no man. To this end, it is imperative that you utilize your time in engaging in activities that can enable achieve success.
12/09/2017 09:58 AM
Are You Looking For Permission To Leap Into Your Own Success? Here It Is!
Many people hope for success to rescue them from their dreary lives. They put their life on hold until success comes along and declares them worthy of it. Whilst I'm being facetious, it is relatable because many don't realise success is something you earn through commitment, dedication and a tenacious perseverance. Many people don't give themselves permission to be successful, because they prefer to play small, within their comfort zone.
12/08/2017 04:13 PM
Had Any Closed Doors In 2017? Open Ones?
We have all experienced a closed door in some area of our life at one time or another and if I were to guess, you had at least one closed this year. If you haven't you were either locked in your closet for 12 months or you have a magic wand that you wave in front of every closed door and it opens for you. I will also wager that you have had the opportunity to go through an open door this year but hesitated or just took a different path or decided to go through it. Yes, I'm doing a lot guessing but having had my share of both open and closed doors in my life and I have learned a great deal about both and how to treat them.
12/05/2017 12:43 PM
5 Inspiring Success Stories of Seniors
Success stories motivate many people. When it comes to seniors, there are several examples of people who had a colossal career which may influence them.
12/04/2017 03:58 PM
Why You Should Go All In
When talking about why you should go all in, I am referring to some of the most valued assets you have. These freely given possessions are mostly your mindset, persistence, ideas, belief, creativity, and efforts. Yet, many people take it easy, preaching others that most things come at the right time.
12/03/2017 10:52 AM
Success Comes From The Inside
We don't have to feel like something is missing in our lives. We can remember that success and happiness always starts inside of us first!
12/01/2017 08:55 AM
This Is The Reason Why Many People Won't Be Successful, Despite Their Best Intentions
Occasionally an article comes along and ruffles your feathers. I've come across them many times and felt obliged to share my feelings. However, when I regain my composure, I realise such articles force me to make adjustments to my life leading to positive change. I trust this is one of those articles. I don't intend to affront you, but to awaken you. Something tells me you were drawn to this article for a reason. Whether subtle or otherwise, let's share the journey together over the next five minutes and see where it leads.
11/30/2017 04:01 PM
Hard Work Is The Key To Success
Most people often do not know that hard work is the key to success. They come to believe that luck strikes down on a person and creates an overnight sensation. Furthermore, they have no idea on how much effort it takes to be successful until they try on their own. But, how hard must we work?
11/30/2017 08:27 AM
Increase Your Chances For Personal Success
What do people who think of themselves as successful have that sets them apart from the ones that see themselves as a failure? Is it self-esteem? Is it confidence? Or could it be perhaps optimism? Are they sometimes delusional? Or do they simply have low expectations of themselves? Read this article to find out!
11/27/2017 04:37 PM
The Best Revenge Is Massive Success
In life, apparently, the best revenge is massive success. While I tried and experienced many things in the course of my existence, I succeeded in some of them, failed terribly in others and even gave up on a few. However, failing is something no one is immune to and that we must all go through it.
11/26/2017 07:55 PM
21 Life Mantras
We all have our favorite sayings, verses, quotes or just simple and honest ideas that in many ways each day govern or direct our lives either directly or indirectly. Over the years I have developed what I call my "Life Mantras List" that are the primary and critical thoughts or concepts that I use to live, work and play each day and as this year (one I am grateful for - for many reasons) comes to an end I thought I would share just 21 of them that are the foundation as to how I try and live my life each day.
11/26/2017 10:15 AM
Slow Progress Towards Your Goals Is Never A Reason To Give Up
Does it occasionally feel you're making great progress towards your goals while other times it appears that nothing is happening? Don't be discouraged by what you cannot see, because plans can come together at the drop of a hat.
11/24/2017 07:28 PM
You Cannot Be Successful - 4 Dangerous Myths That Keep You Stuck
Have you ever felt that success was out of reach for you? Do you believe that success is something you can't have? This article explores four myths about success and helps you overcome them to find success on your terms.
11/21/2017 02:29 PM
Secrets to Believing in Yourself and Achieving Your Dreams
In this article you will discover the power of BELIEVING AND ACHEIVING your dreams! It is simplistically written to empower you with deep secrets that higly successful people have employed and are still employing today to attract success like powerful magnets.
11/21/2017 02:26 PM
How To Create Your Wealth Empire From Scratch
In this article, I will reveal to you the reason many are rich and successful and at the same time the reason why many aren't. Every one desires riches, fame,honour,wealth, success etc but only a few really get to have these dreams come true in their lives. One key reason is that most people never get to truly decide to be rich and successful. And as a result, their wishes and dreams never come true.
11/20/2017 04:05 PM
You Only Have Three Choices
I know what you are thinking - three choices about what? No, I'm not a psychic, but the title is basically saying in life we generally have three choices when it comes to decisions, actions and behavior. Consider - A job offer? (three choices) Start a new relationship? (three choices) End a relationship? (three choices) Move? Invest? Retire? Start a business? Sell something? Buy something? (three choices). See where I/m going with this? Not yet? OK, how about you are sitting in one of my seminars and as I share my ideas, approaches, solutions etc. you sit there thinking - this guy is an idiot or - he is a genius or - I'm not sure where he is going with this, but I'll give him a little more time? (Three choices). Ever been there? There now with a decision that needs to be made or an option you are considering that needs action?
11/17/2017 02:35 PM
Self-Improvement and Success
With success comes the uncertainties. How to approach those uncertainties and fears.
11/16/2017 04:08 PM
How To Create Your Own Success Story
To create your own success story, you have to realize at first that you might just be the key to it. It is quite an odd concept, and yet, if you can visualize the person you want to be, you may win half of the battle already. So, in spite of everything else, you must see where you are going to get there, right?
11/15/2017 10:33 AM
8 Reasons Why Brainy People Don't Always Get to The Top
1. Brainy people are intelligent, but not always wise. Wisdom, not intelligence, is what truly distinguishes you in life.
11/13/2017 04:30 PM
Be Somebody Nobody Thought You Could Be
When you want to be somebody nobody thought you could be, you should feel inspired by other's successes. But numerous people feel envious or jealous, even becoming bitter towards successful individuals. However, through sheer determination, you can create a life full of achievements.
11/12/2017 09:50 AM
It Always Seems Impossible Until It Is Done
It always seems impossible until it is done shows in its first part that our mind limits our beliefs and potential as to what we believe we can do. The second part, however, demonstrates that people, who push forward, not believing in limitation, contradict the world by making things possible.
11/09/2017 04:06 PM
How Do You Feel About Yourself?
This might, at first seem like a silly question - and probably one you have never asked yourself. I know I never have and I have written entire manuals that are nothing but page after page of questions - go figure. How about another quickie - why is this question important? Without appearing to be looking for either praise or pity let me share what this question did for me the first time someone asked it of me. By the way, this person died over 100 years ago but is one of my mentors. When I was recently re-reading one of his books after a few years this question just hit me between the eyes like a baseball bat.
11/05/2017 08:16 PM
Is Technology Stealing The Quality Of Your Life?
Let me be perfectly clear from the outset - I am not against technology, change, AI, transformation or the steps we take into the future. Also, I'm sure many of you will take issue with some of my points that follow - remember - truth is not what you or I think it is but - what it is. But let me also be clear that I believe that not all of these advances will improve humanity's ability to deal with many of its core issues such as; conflict, separation, loneliness, uncertainty, decision making, inner peace, fear, the need for love and acceptance, life meaning and purpose.
11/04/2017 04:44 PM
How To Be Fearless In Everything
We all have fear, yet to be fearless in everything is the greatest place if you want to live fully. All of us experience being afraid, but what makes great people successful is their boldness. Most people hang on to their fears. However, life keeps moving on, even without them. So how can you deal with fear?
11/04/2017 11:07 AM
Luck Has Nothing to Do With It
Luck has nothing to do with it. "It", in this case, meaning life as you'd like it to be. However, there are things we can do if we wanna get "lucky".
11/02/2017 04:09 PM
No One Said Success Would Be Easy
When it comes down to it, no one ever said success would be easy, but if anyone did, it would be a lie. In reality, there exist no shortcuts or casual paths to succeed, no matter the value or meaning of the things you want. Yet, some people still believe they can find a loophole and get a stress-free ride.
11/01/2017 10:34 AM
The Three Significant Secrets to Any Success in Life
I am keen to tell you my version of what the Three Significant Secrets to Any Success in Life is. And it might not be what you all want to hear or some of you might not want to hear. That is Hard Work, the Right Education, and The Journey.

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