Spirituality Information

Spirituality Information

My Search for the Truth

I am a Falun Dafa practitioner.  Maybe you've heard about the persecution of Falun Dafa (or Falun Gong) practitioners in China.

Path to Healing

It is within us to explore and draw upon our inner resources to heal. Some wounds are embedded so deeply that no amount of professional expertise can cure, much less heal.

Sacred Space, Sacred Time

We all need space, we all need time to ourselves.In Exodus3:15- Word of God:When the Lord saw that Moses was coming closer, he called him from the middle of the bush and said: "Moses, Moses", he answered, "Yes, here I am"God said, " Do not come any closer.


Shamanism is an ancient form of mysticism. Although there are many localized variations, the basic tenet is that all things are sacred and alive.

The Final Chapter

     Several months ago, I read an article about a 22 year old, successful young lady who died a premature death in a plane crash. The more I read this article, the heavier my heart became because she died in the midst of her formative years.

Why Sit Here Until I Die?

The bible tells a story about four men who sat at the entrance of the city's gate dying with leprosy, an incurable disease which causes terribly visible swelling and sores on the skin, only then to eat inward to the bones. Because of this contagious and incurable disease, these lepers sat outside of the city because they were not permitted to live within the city.

Faerie Wisdom

Spirit DancerThe spirit dancer is the card of creative expression. Of exploring our inner truths and desires.

Seven Soul-Nurturing Suggestions for Busy Women

Looking for some ways to feed your soul in the midst of all you do?  Try one or more of these great ideas! 1.) Body Work/Movement: Tai Ji, massage, Feldenkrais, Reflexology ? there are tons of modalities which contribute to healing in soulful ways.

Ten Soul-Tending Principles for Women

Feeling restless?  Is part of you calling out for change, though you don't yet know what that looks like, or what you most need? Well, maybe, just maybe, you need a little soul nurturing.  Try one or more of these nurturing principles on for size: 1.

Spirituality at Work Because You Cant Leave Home Without You

Several years ago after I presented a workshop entitled "Spirituality at Work: Because You Can't Leave Home Without You?" I got a phone call from someone who saw the program booklet. She was very interested in the topic and wanted to know how to "get it" at her company.

From Spiritual Cry Baby to Bold Seeker of Truth

Ever notice how people dread discussing the truth about life? Their fear usually comes out as, "I never talk about that" or "Some things we're not supposed to know." They quickly cut off any probing of who they are and why they're here.

Soulstretch: Raising the Bar on Nobility and Nicety

In the make-believe world, too, fiction and films are filled with flawed characters fighting their way to selfish goals. Pick up any book on how to write novels and short stories and you see the word "conflict" in bold.

Animal Spirits: Power Animals and Guides

We shamans are a strange breed..

Beyond Normal - The Liquid Level Of Consciousness

I am not enlightened, and yet, I am no longer "normal." Since you are reading this, I suspect you probably feel the same.

Leaving Storyville

One of the most difficult barriers to overcome on the path to spiritual growth is extracting yourself from the tenacious grip of the Ego Story. Unsuspectingly, many people are mesmerized and possessed by this mental illusion.

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Self Improvement:Spirituality Articles from EzineArticles.com
05/26/2017 02:54 PM
How Your Subconscious Mind Is Sabotaging Your Manifesting Ability
You are failing at the law of attraction not because you aren't trying hard enough, but because of your counter intentions. So learning about them is crucial to your success.
05/26/2017 02:24 PM
A New Definition of God
I'm not that familiar with non-monotheistic religions, but the stories all have examples of Godly abilities and human frailties. They tend to place their Gods remotely, up in the sky or down below in the underworld. There are differing interactions with humans, and it seems to me extreme power struggles.
05/26/2017 11:36 AM
The Most Spiritual Life
This article has nothing to do with trying to be a spiritual Native American (Indigenous) person. It only is written by an Indigenous woman who is opening a thought up to someone who is interested in living spiritually. One can only be who they are truly meant to be. If you are not Indigenous, you cannot be. Indigenous people are spiritual by nature, and I am only putting out a possibility for anyone (regardless of color, creed, etc.) who want to explore a spiritual way of life. A spirit lives within the physical body. It is up to a person to acknowledge that part of their self.
05/26/2017 08:36 AM
The Blessedness of Receiving Blessings From Those We Serve
HUMILITY teaches us more in one day than pride would compel our way over a lifetime. And humility cannot be a doing thing of giving to others in a way we're assured of our own competence.
05/23/2017 10:37 PM
A Radical Departure From the Habitual Neurology - True Living Becomes Possible
Life on this planet is influenced by many factors. Human beings are primarily driven by their habitual neurology but they remain unaware of how they are captured by it. A release from that neurology can move us a great deal towards living vibrantly.
05/23/2017 12:14 PM
Reincarnation - Reply to Critic
One sure way to generate controversy is to bring up the topic of reincarnation in a group conversation. In our experience, in the Western world, about 30% will say they believe in it, 40% will express mild skepticism, and 30% will vehemently speak out against it.
05/23/2017 08:10 AM
When God Uses the Weak to Heal the Strong
MISSION trips are infamous for this phenomenon: the strong go to a place where the weak live; to serve, to affirm, and to empower them. They come back, themselves served, affirmed, and empowered. The weak are good for the strong.
05/22/2017 09:08 AM
Importance of Chandi Path or Chandi Hom
Goddess Durga is the divine mother - she protects mankind from evil and misery by destroying sinister forces such as selfishness, jealousy, prejudice, hatred, anger and ego. She is often stated to be the most beautiful manifestation of Devi and has gained her might through different Gods.
05/21/2017 02:37 PM
Ten Consequences Of Ungodly Riches
Are you envious of the wealth of the wicked? Do you consider obedience to God to be in vain when you see the ungodly prospering? Many believing Christians find themselves querying the justness of God when they compare the results of their work with God with the riches of the ungodly. This is not right before God, for it shows lack of knowledge of God and trust in God. This article gives the consequences of ungodly riches which no child of God will desire.
05/21/2017 02:37 PM
Why Unbelievers And Non-Tithers Prosper
"Why is it that some people don't even tithe nor believe in God, yet they're blessed financially i.e., they have high paychecks?" somebody asked me recently. I believe many people ask this same question, especially Christians. This article aims at answering this question by explaining that the law of giving and receiving is a spiritual law.
05/18/2017 09:00 AM
Facts About the SOUL and REINCARNATION
1. There is no positive proof for the existence of souls, immortal karma, reincarnation, or any spiritual after-life. It is interesting to note that in their last years Hindu philosophers like Osho Rajnish and J. Krishnamurti reversed themselves and stated that there was no reincarnation.
05/17/2017 11:30 AM
WE Are Gods Among Other Gods
Becoming aware of our true self. Soul is our true self. It is the divine spark created by the creator. Soul contains all Love, Wisdom, Power, Freedom and beyond. Soul knows through direct perception and it exist in a a state of Seeing, Knowing and Being. It has a three hundred and sixty degree view. It is unlimited nor defined. The qualities listed here are only part of it but never the whole. We must realize we are Soul itself! The other parts are our lower bodies which are temporal and finite. They are also governed by the law of reincarnation. They only serve Soul during its time in the lower worlds for Soul's education..
05/17/2017 10:50 AM
9 Awesome Spiritual Awakening Symptoms
Spiritual awakening is the process whereby an individual becomes aware of their spiritual nature, as well as the spiritual nature of the entire physical reality. A Spiritual awakening is usually accompanied by a number of physical and mental symptoms.
05/15/2017 09:03 PM
Signs From Existence (Messages From The Universe)
Things are a big "maybe" until they do become definite. That is where universal signs and existence markers come in. Today, for instance, I got one of those signs from the universe and existence in a "small" way. That small way was a sparrow landing in front of me as I got off the bus to walk to the civic center in Gardena, California to do my volunteer thing.
05/15/2017 10:45 AM
Where Politics and Spirituality Intersect
It is easy to get stressed out and lose sight of spirituality in the hyper-polarized world of politics. So many choose to ignore politics altogether. But are we taking the highroad when smile and look the other way to avoid uncomfortable political conversations?
05/15/2017 08:49 AM
Are Devious Spirits Responsible for Dissociative Identity Disorder?
Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is a condition in which the affected person holds two or more personalities that vie for control of the physical body. This essay discusses a metaphysical theory for its cause.
05/13/2017 11:12 AM
The Effect of Our Thoughts and Spirituality on Our Lives: Positive Energy
How our thoughts effect our daily life and our entire future? You put your life together one day at a time and for this reason every thought that you act on has to be good, legal and spiritual. You have hundreds and if not thousands of thoughts each day of your life and some thoughts are good and some thoughts may negative, wrong or even illegal. Some thoughts are reoccurring thoughts and these thoughts demand your attention whether you like it or not.
05/13/2017 11:11 AM
How Did We Get Our Bible?
Every year around Easter, prominently displayed, nationally known magazines parade before an unsuspecting public, articles about ancient books which these magazines allege should, could or would have become books in the Bible. Usually, they are presenting books of the Gnostics, a general name used concerning extremely heretical and even fanatical, groups of Christian sects who tried and failed to influence the churches away from the Word of God. The Book of Revelation references these people as Nicolataines and they lasted through the 4th century AD in the churches. Marcion taught his group that anything Jewish was tainted and should not be accepted as Scriptural. Imagine, a Christian sect advocating the very Christ of Scripture to be tainted and not to be included in the Scripture.
05/12/2017 12:07 PM
Why People Don't Make The Change
As Helen Keller so eloquently put it, "The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision." I remember listening to a seminar where the speaker was talking about making positive changes. He said he is often asked, "If change is easy then why don't more people do it?
05/11/2017 04:26 PM
3 Top Reasons Why You Should Not Fear the Devil and Death
People are very much afraid of the devil and death. But why are they afraid? This is due to lack of understanding that the devil was destroyed. Walking in victory requires knowledge in the fact that the enemy was defeated. Satan was destroyed. Death lost its sting. You should therefore not be afraid. The Lord Jesus Christ is the reigning King of glory.
05/11/2017 03:17 PM
Science and Spirituality Emerge - The Attunement With All That Is
Tachyon energy is a way of complete attunement with All That Is. By taking into account the fact that everything that exists is in an energetic continuum, health simply means to be a superconductor. A free flowing wire of life intelligence emerging out of the pure potential of Tachyon. Complete and total attunement means achieving "Oneness" with All That Is.
05/10/2017 02:33 PM
How To Tell If a Psychic Is Genuine
People ask me how they can be sure that they are consulting a good psychic instead of one of the many ungenuine ones. One of the mistakes they make is in assuming that the ungenuine ones are those after a lot of money who are only after money - they could not be more wrong. There are a lot of ungenuine ones who are on an ego trip, there are others who want attention, there are others who like the power, some are mentally ill and need medicine to stop the voices they hear and like to believe are spirits...
05/10/2017 09:22 AM
Does God Ever Change His Mind?
God is holy, and has pronounced judgment on sinners. However, when sinners repent, He changes His mind, and does not carry out the intended punishment.
05/10/2017 08:43 AM
PART 2 - What You MUST KNOW About Common Alternative Spiritual Practices Today
Have you ever noticed that so many Spiritual practices these days have you directing, guiding, storing, imagining and even forcing energy around yourself or when working with someone else? Did you know that working with energy in this way has side effects that are not all good?
05/09/2017 08:59 AM
We May Be Trapped in a Matrix Time Loop
Many people believe the physical realm or 3D reality we experience is a simulated virtual holographic environment. The idea of life being in a highly realistic and convincing virtual reality world called "The Matrix" has been gaining popularity over the years following the release of the movie trilogy. During the first week of September, 2016, Bank of America Merrill Lynch sent out an unusual memo to its clients. According to Business Insider, "BAML included an infographic depicting a "future reality" stating there's a 20 to 50 percent chance we're living in "The Matrix."
05/09/2017 08:52 AM
We're Healed By Those We Reject
We reject those we fear. We reject those who are a threat. We reject the weak because we're fearful of our own weakness; when our own insecurities are too difficult to bear.
05/08/2017 12:40 PM
Therapy Is the Ultimate Way of Taking Care of Ourselves
Therapy is a time where we are not taking care of anyone else. We are taking care of ourselves, giving us the gift and opportunity to focus on us. What we think, what we feel, what we want, what we need.
05/08/2017 11:04 AM
Bhagavad Gita As a Guide
Though we learn several subjects right from our school days, nobody taught us how to deal with our own mind, emotions, and situations in life. Lack of knowledge about our life and self leads to stress. Bhagavad Gita, the Holy Scripture, acts like a life coach and leads us towards stress free life.
05/08/2017 09:12 AM
The Power of Prayer
"They say there is six degrees of separation between you and another person. However, when people are praying for you there are only two degrees."-Shannon L. Alder. There is comfort procured from praying in moments of anguish and in moments of triumph. Do you believe in the power of prayer? When and how do you pray? The article is meant to stimulate discussion.
05/08/2017 08:53 AM
Kick Addiction and Habits With These Spiritual Tools
Most people associate a spiritual approach to addiction with relying on a higher power for help. We do too, but based on our work with the hidden or spiritual side of life, we believe there's another vital part of the addiction puzzle that most people miss.
05/07/2017 06:31 PM
Do You Really Need To Walk In The Covenant Of Prosperity?
Have you ever wondered whether you really need to walk in the covenant of prosperity? Some people think that it is not necessary to tithe and give offering in order to prosper. As much as this may seem true, there are other benefits other than physical cash attached to tithing and offerings? This article points out these benefits of walking in the covenant of financial prosperity.
05/07/2017 06:29 PM
Getting Set For the Y-Junctions of Your Life
Have you ever gotten to a Y-junction and you turned off to the wrong road before realizing it? Many people often turn to the wrong way when they get to the Y-junctions of their lives. Unfortunately, it takes some of them a long time to get back on track and some others never get back on track. This article tells you what to do to ensure that you turn to the right way when you get to the Y- junctions of your life.
05/07/2017 06:29 PM
Sow and Reap Abundantly
Do you desire to have abundant blessings in your life? God is still in the business of multiplying His people who obey His instructions. To multiply your blessings is not difficult at all for God if you will heed to His word. This article emphasizes sowing and reaping as one major way by which God releases abundance upon His children.
05/07/2017 11:36 AM
The Pineal Gland - Your Third Eye
The Pineal Gland, the seat of consciousness, is the connection between body soul and spirit. It is located in the center of the brain directly behind the eyes, in a tiny cave above the Pituitary Gland. We experience higher consciousness through the Pineal Gland also referred to as the God Molecule or the Spirit Gland. It is believed that the Pineal Gland actually grows in size after many years of regular meditation.
05/07/2017 11:35 AM
Spiritual Insights of 'Being Here Now' While 'Still Here' and Beyond the Bend of Our Perceptions
His world famous iconic book "Be Here Now" spoke of Deep Spiritual perspectives, yet simplified to the basic concepts of concentrating focus on the Ever Present Moment. This book "Still Here" takes into account our True Nature, a way to relate better to the impermeant nature of most everything we take to be 'us'. When we get along in age, we begin to come to grips with our less than mortal slide from our youthful spryness. It's a good time to take into account the things that really end up mattering in the big picture of... Life. In our 'Golden Years' we tend to become more grateful, gracious and... good. It's a time to simplify our lives, not to sweat the small stuff and take the time to learn a few things that nourish our Being. Some of us will get a wee bit more philosophical, some more religious and most others will seek out a Deeper level of Spirituality in whatever fashion they resonate with. At some point we all ponder the mortality of our once youthful bodies and snappy witty minds... We eventually ponder the 'meaning of Life'... and beyond... like 'what's next'.
05/07/2017 10:51 AM
Dear God, Please Save Me
Dear God, please save me! I need you in my life. I am tired of being unhappy, I am tired of begging to be loved, I am tired of loving him this much and getting nothing in return. I don't understand what's wrong, I have no clue what has changed us, is it we?
05/06/2017 09:44 AM
Children Who Are Born to Die
It's the most pathetic and horrid act of humanity that children are allowed to be born who will suffer unbelievable hardships and death before they even reach their teen-age years. While many parents question why God allowed their child to be born with cancer or some other disease or handicap do they even think about the religion they belong to and how it is killing millions of children on an annual basis? Since my reincarnation and memory of passing from life to life my observations enable me to speak out about the error of ways...
05/04/2017 11:40 AM
Christian Holiness Compared to Islamic Holiness
Christians world wide suffer from powerless prayers, lack of holiness of heart and purity of mind and addictions and their prayer power and holiness are on the same level as Islamic holiness and prayer power. However, Original Christianity still exists today which gives holiness of heart and purity of mind which Muslims and countless church Christians can only wish for! The holiness which controls a man instead of man trying his best to be holy. Original Christian holiness is poured directly into man from heaven while Islamic holiness is manufactured by man's best efforts. This reality is provable by anyone who will put both Islam devotion and Original Christianity devotion to the test in his own room.
04/30/2017 09:20 PM
How To Connect To Source, The Divine, Or The Universe
Many people seek more spirituality and fulfilment in their life. But how do you connect to what I call Source to get that feeling? Here are some ideas.
04/28/2017 03:46 PM
List of 4 Major Views of Hell in Christianity - What You're Burning to Know
There are 4 major views of hell, eternal-torment, universalism, that it is temporary, and that the damned are annihilated. This is a quick break down of how the four ideas related to each other.
04/28/2017 11:05 AM
Could This Type of Real Spirituality Answer Some of the Fierce Social Issues Facing Society Today?
Concern is growing in so many places around our world in these present times and for a huge variety of reasons. Being involved with various countries and their urgent needs what can we do? What even can governments do if they are really interested in doing anything? We hear so much about bullying, in schools and workplaces. Teaching these truths and principles, with the authority of God's anointing, and the crippling problems will be addressed. Why do the authorities not invite those of us who believe this to go into the schools and into the businesses where bullying is known to be active and teach clearly what God has said. God always honours His holy Word!
04/28/2017 11:03 AM
How Might Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Describe Your Life and Ministry - And Mine?
John's life was an amazing blend of authority and humility, but there was more to this preacher. John wondered if Jesus was really the one who was to come, or should we expect and look for someone else? He sent friends to find out. Is this not prayer? A reaching out to Jesus Christ even when you are not sure who He is? The self assured do not pray. John was brave, as well as courageous and bold. We need prophetic preachers today who will proclaim the true Word of God with courage and boldness and integrity and grace and love. That is not easy. Jesus spoke highly of John. Among those born of women there is no one greater than John, yet the one who is least in the kingdom of God is greater than he. It is what Jesus Christ says about us that matters.
04/28/2017 09:23 AM
Do Not Mess With the Message, and Do Not Mess With the Messenger
These disciples of the Son of God have tasted and experienced so much of what has been real, but they are deserting and reverting to legalism. You must keep the old law and observe all the old rituals! That is what they had been advised to do! Now I have seen this happen all over the place. This is not 'theory'. This is happening in Scotland. People revert to 'norm'. That is a very real danger. They were also questioning Paul's credentials. If Paul wasn't really called by God, then you don't have to pay all that much attention to what he preaches and teaches - very subtle. That is why Paul takes time to explain how he came into this ministry.
04/26/2017 03:04 PM
God's Work Ethics
God has work ethics which when followed will definitely lead to a successful career. These work ethics are embedded in the creation system.
04/26/2017 08:49 AM
PART 1 - What You MUST KNOW About Common Alternative Spiritual Practices Today
How much do you know about the Spiritual practices you use and the principles behind them? This article has the power to positively impact and shape the way you 'do' Spirituality - from how you practice meditation, channel healing, work with your own energy body - all the way down to how you communicate with yourself and with others! Because how you work with energy effects you and the world perhaps more than you know. Find out what is going on in this here article!
04/26/2017 08:49 AM
The 1 Reason Why You Can't Stay Grounded And The Solution
Do you feel better when you are grounded? Can you enjoy a grounded state all day long, or do you wind up feeling many of the unpleasant side effects of being un-grounded? How would your Life experience change if right now you knew exactly why you can't stay grounded AND were told the secret to staying grounded all the time? If you want these questions answered then please read this article that I wrote for you!
04/26/2017 08:00 AM
Alone to God Do Allegiances Lie
It may seem like a horrid thing to say, particularly when in context of one's own children, but, in all circumstances, do our allegiances to God lie. What honours God does God's will, and that will ought to order all our relationships, given that God would not have us dishonour any relationship.
04/24/2017 08:39 AM
Say 'Bye-Bye' to Spiritual Blocks & Hello to the Purifying Practice of Transparency
Find out how dishonesty is slowing down your Spiritual growth. If you find it difficult to access clear memories or psychically 'map' people, situations and places with ease you may well be experiencing a lack of transparency in your mind, body and Spirit. Read on to learn more!
04/24/2017 08:37 AM
The No.1 Mistake That Holds Back Spiritual Progress!
Can you imagine learning how to swim without ever getting wet?! Seems kind of silly... absurd even? In this article find out the number 1 mistake 1,000's of Spiritual practitioners and Ascension Seekers make when it comes to Awakening to their own multi-dimensional consciousness! It might not be what you expect...
04/24/2017 08:23 AM
Demonic Energy - What You Need to Know to Defend Yourself
Whenever we address the topic of demonic energy with others, we encounter one of four reactions: Disbelief, fear, contempt, or understanding. Although you can't see dark energy, our long-term empirical research shows us that it is as real as day turning into night every twenty-four hours.

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