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Spirituality Information

My Search for the Truth

I am a Falun Dafa practitioner.  Maybe you've heard about the persecution of Falun Dafa (or Falun Gong) practitioners in China.

Path to Healing

It is within us to explore and draw upon our inner resources to heal. Some wounds are embedded so deeply that no amount of professional expertise can cure, much less heal.

Sacred Space, Sacred Time

We all need space, we all need time to ourselves.In Exodus3:15- Word of God:When the Lord saw that Moses was coming closer, he called him from the middle of the bush and said: "Moses, Moses", he answered, "Yes, here I am"God said, " Do not come any closer.


Shamanism is an ancient form of mysticism. Although there are many localized variations, the basic tenet is that all things are sacred and alive.

The Final Chapter

     Several months ago, I read an article about a 22 year old, successful young lady who died a premature death in a plane crash. The more I read this article, the heavier my heart became because she died in the midst of her formative years.

Why Sit Here Until I Die?

The bible tells a story about four men who sat at the entrance of the city's gate dying with leprosy, an incurable disease which causes terribly visible swelling and sores on the skin, only then to eat inward to the bones. Because of this contagious and incurable disease, these lepers sat outside of the city because they were not permitted to live within the city.

Faerie Wisdom

Spirit DancerThe spirit dancer is the card of creative expression. Of exploring our inner truths and desires.

Seven Soul-Nurturing Suggestions for Busy Women

Looking for some ways to feed your soul in the midst of all you do?  Try one or more of these great ideas! 1.) Body Work/Movement: Tai Ji, massage, Feldenkrais, Reflexology ? there are tons of modalities which contribute to healing in soulful ways.

Ten Soul-Tending Principles for Women

Feeling restless?  Is part of you calling out for change, though you don't yet know what that looks like, or what you most need? Well, maybe, just maybe, you need a little soul nurturing.  Try one or more of these nurturing principles on for size: 1.

Spirituality at Work Because You Cant Leave Home Without You

Several years ago after I presented a workshop entitled "Spirituality at Work: Because You Can't Leave Home Without You?" I got a phone call from someone who saw the program booklet. She was very interested in the topic and wanted to know how to "get it" at her company.

From Spiritual Cry Baby to Bold Seeker of Truth

Ever notice how people dread discussing the truth about life? Their fear usually comes out as, "I never talk about that" or "Some things we're not supposed to know." They quickly cut off any probing of who they are and why they're here.

Soulstretch: Raising the Bar on Nobility and Nicety

In the make-believe world, too, fiction and films are filled with flawed characters fighting their way to selfish goals. Pick up any book on how to write novels and short stories and you see the word "conflict" in bold.

Animal Spirits: Power Animals and Guides

We shamans are a strange breed..

Beyond Normal - The Liquid Level Of Consciousness

I am not enlightened, and yet, I am no longer "normal." Since you are reading this, I suspect you probably feel the same.

Leaving Storyville

One of the most difficult barriers to overcome on the path to spiritual growth is extracting yourself from the tenacious grip of the Ego Story. Unsuspectingly, many people are mesmerized and possessed by this mental illusion.

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Self Improvement:Spirituality Articles from EzineArticles.com
07/26/2017 07:54 AM
Why Blind Freddy Can't See
The reference to people who can't see the obvious is that they are 'blind Freddy' and that is what most of the world are when it comes to understanding what goes on. It's the way God made us and only those privileged enough to know the truth can tell it. So why was this done and how can the blinkers be removed to enable the light of the Spirit shine through?
07/25/2017 11:35 PM
9 Higher Reasons for Being a Lover of Truth
One of the most shocking and necessary discoveries along the path is that what we love does not love us. We are filled all the time with powerful feelings and emotions that seem to lift or otherwise provide purpose and self-worth. It is not too much to say that most of these inner states are lies -- hopelessly incomplete of themselves, and seeking completion in some secret opposite that they generate.
07/25/2017 11:12 PM
Money Is Man's Invention Inspired by God That Works Against the Spirit
We all know that money came about as a result of trade and leaders who saw it as a hand up to power. It provided income for their lifestyle as kings and servants to do their bidding. It gave them beautiful places to live in and control over their subjects.
07/25/2017 11:12 PM
The Fear That Drives Ignorance
It's a fact that many are frightened of education because of their fear of offending either their gods or ancestors. As a researcher the evidence that emerges from the ease with which religious organisations convert tribal people to their thinking stands out. Obvious the use of fear based threats does it.
07/25/2017 08:05 AM
Dying Every Night
This was an interesting thought that came to me through reading a Dr. Wayne Dyer book called Wishes Fulfilled. To do this a person must recognize that there is a journey we take each night. That journey allows us to help command our subconscious mind. To me it becomes one of a positive and enlightening mindset. Trying to do this on a nightly basis takes some work but is totally worth it in the end. This article will describe a journey of the mind.
07/24/2017 02:09 PM
God's Use of and Delight in 'the Least of These'
NOT great things. Ordinary things, by definition. Banal things. Boring. Unattractive. These are the things of the Kingdom.
07/24/2017 07:55 AM
How Does One Reject Rejection and Love Those Responsible?
It happens in most families where there is one who for some reason is rejected by parents and siblings. They are usually called the black sheep and nine times out of ten they are the middle child. So what makes it this way and why are we programmed to bring this about.
07/23/2017 09:23 AM
Finding the Common Truths of All Spiritual Traditions
Preserving the collective outreach most traditional churches have for those that seek Spirit is the is the best way to allow a large percent of our population to fulfill their natural inspirations towards Higher Consciousness. A big step along anyone's Spiritual Path is to help Awaken the Spirit in others, to offer unconditional love, understanding and compassion to all sentient Beings. Gaining a deeper understanding our life and lives around us and what may lie beyond the bend of our perception... is what we are all naturally drawn to... each in our own way. For every soul created, there is a unique path to be explored as it manifests into our ever-present moments. To help us deepen this understanding we must address a few of the basics that are a part of almost every spiritual tradition.
07/22/2017 06:52 PM
Healing the Soul's Inherited Wound
LONGING for perfection, we strive and struggle all our lives never understanding why we can't reconcile a gnawing ache within. It's a God-shaped hole we're trying to fill our own way. And it never works. Fortunately, there is a way.
07/19/2017 07:57 AM
The Delusion That God Allowed Over the Earth
Man's world is all about deception and magic. He takes from reality to make it into fiction. He steals from the living to create the dead.
07/18/2017 10:17 AM
Path to Righteousness
Man after the fall became unrighteous before the holy God. All the righteous work of man were filthy before God. Righteousness must come another apart from man. And this is what Jesus came to do. He came and became sin for us so that we can be made God's righteousness in Christ.
07/18/2017 08:28 AM
Darkest Before The Dawn
Theodore Roosevelt's wife and mother both died on the same night. This excruciating experience helped shape the man he would become as he went into solitude for many months to heal and recover. The scars he bore from this tragedy gave him a strength and a resolve that would carry him into the presidency.
07/18/2017 07:59 AM
The Seventh Reincarnation
Everyone stops and thinks about their life and why they are here; at least at some stage. The thoughts, actions, knowledge, and emotions collected over their time could not have been for nothing. How can they picture that it will all end with their death and most will have the feeling that their 'being' will go on?
07/17/2017 02:23 PM
What Has Happened To Modern Day Spiritual Culture?
The Spiritual paths of the past are of the past, but what Spiritual reality have we created now? When you observe mainstream Spiritual culture - what do you see? and more importantly - how is what you perceive effecting your consciousness?
07/17/2017 08:23 AM
Three Phases of Practicing Meditation
Thirty-five years ago, the idea of daily meditation seemed foreign to us. But today, it's a normal part of our daily schedule, even if it means getting up thirty minutes earlier or skipping TV to do so.
07/17/2017 08:18 AM
Did You Know That Commitment to Jesus Christ Involves Change and Changes?
How committed are you? How close is your walk with God? Did you know your walk with God and communion and fellowship with Jesus Christ can be as close and as intimate as you decide to have it! What is our legacy for the next generation? The answer - which deals with both legalism and licence is - discipleship. We surrender to Jesus - being under the discipline of Jesus - and the authority of His Word - and seeking to obey the teaching of His Word. Jesus Christ came to make revolutionary changes - radical changes - and Jesus still does that. We have all found that commitment to Jesus Christ involves change - and changes.
07/17/2017 08:05 AM
Both Prophet and Priest Are Profane
The term profane means 'contempt for God' and that is how the bible describes them. Following my reincarnation and with a link to the Spirit of the Universe the reason for this in prophecy is made clear. There are no religious teachers sent down from heaven because there is no such place.
07/16/2017 02:44 PM
There Comes a Moment When We Have to Place Our Life, Future, and Ministry, Into the Hands of God
Let me define Legalism. Not many know what legalism really is. "Legalism is an attempt to achieve righteousness with God by keeping a set of rules. Legalism is adding requirement for righteousness to what God has already declared in His Word." Paul virtually says in his writing, "I have died to all that, and if anyone was immersed in legalism - if anyone tried to keep the law - it was I - it was me. I tried to keep the law harder than anyone else - and discovered I couldn't. But I also discovered that what I could not do, Jesus Christ, our Passover Lamb, and our Saviour, has done it all for us, and He says - Come unto ME and I will give you rest - mercy - salvation - freedom - and it will be 'just if I'd' never sinned." This is an amazing letter. It has been such a rewarding blessing to me over these past weeks and months to read and study and research the profound writing of my hero.
07/16/2017 02:44 PM
Are You Sure of Your Calling in Life in Christ, and Are You Comfortable in That Privileged Service?
Are you sure of you calling? Are you comfortable in your calling? Do you know with certainty and assurance that Almighty God has called you? Can you serve wherever you are, knowing that the risen and living Lord Jesus Christ has laid His hand upon your life, and that he wants to use you and give you a useful and positive and fruitful life? When we look back we see that we did not choose Christ. We see that Jesus Christ came and chose us. Can you imagine Peter saying, "I was out fishing one day by the Galilean Lake, and I chose to follow Jesus Christ"? No. Jesus chose me. Can you imagine Paul writing that it was he who decided to follow Jesus Christ - never!
07/16/2017 02:41 PM
Thinking As a Barrier to, and Presence As Broker of, Shalom
DIVISIONS separate Jesus-believers and nonbelievers the world over. But those same divisions also cause Christ-believers to fight each other, and this has never been so evident as through the age of highly visual, codifiable social media, especially around ethics within God's kingdom here on earth.
07/15/2017 11:45 AM
Can I Compare the Lack, or Even Omission, of Spiritual Faithfulness to a Vitamin Deficiency?
It is faithfulness, and it is fidelity, that holds a society together, and that quality cement is in short supply. Jesus is so willing to increase the supply and improve the quality. Our faithfulness as disciples of Jesus Christ will be tested. We are tested, and faithfulness never fails, because God is faithful, and He never fails. We are very much aware of having to face bigger tests. How will we react at such times? Never is the work of the Holy Spirit demonstrated more wonderfully than when it is seen in the lives of those who are faithful. These disciples knew what it was to lose Someone they loved and trusted - and Someone Who had loved them in a way that no-one else had loved them. Jesus took them through that valley, and Jesus turned up on the other side. Jesus can only bring us out of the valleys if we are willing to go through them.
07/15/2017 11:45 AM
Help Me to Be Faithful, Reliable, Trustworthy, and Dependable, in Every Area of My Life
Faithfulness is a commodity that is in short supply. Faithfulness - or fidelity - is that quality of reliability - or trustworthiness - which makes a person someone upon whom you can utterly rely - and whose word you can believe, receive and accept. Jesus Christ wants to grow in us, through the Holy Spirit, this quality of faithfulness. Jesus is showing us how to live in the Kingdom of God while still around in this present world - this present evil age. These qualities speak about life and maturity and being a branch in the vine. The fruit is not so that we will be admired for living a useful profitable fruitful life, but so that others may pluck and eat the fruit and live and be nourished.
07/15/2017 08:45 AM
What and Where Is Mount Zion?
The question most would want answered is whether or not Mount Zion is a real place and then what and where is it? Although it is mentioned in the bible a few times the location is not given. It is something that religious leaders avoid mentioning probably because of the vague references to it.
07/13/2017 09:12 AM
Do You Realise That You Can Have As Close a Fellowship With Jesus Christ As You Choose To?
In the spiritual life what is it that inspires you when you fell puzzled? What is it that motivates and lifts you to go on persevering as a leader, and many of us lead in various areas of life without perhaps considering calling ourselves 'leaders? What was puzzling Nicodemus puzzles many individuals. There are deep and profound inspiration spiritual lessons in this encounter which Nicodemus has with Jesus Christ and these lessons cannot be learned anywhere else in the whole world. Nicodemus did not give up, not even when he knew that Jesus Christ was dead. There is a tomorrow for Nicodemus. There can be a tomorrow for you, and that can be today.
07/13/2017 08:09 AM
Your Prayer Counts Before God
Is your voice heard in heaven concerning corporate issues? Many Christians spend 99% of their time praying for themselves and their immediate family members, leaving corporate issues like prayers for their community, church and nation. Sometimes, they genuinely think that their prayers will not make a difference or that somebody else is praying, but is that truly the case? This article emphasizes the need for you to pray corporate prayers too, your prayer counts before God.
07/13/2017 08:09 AM
Wisdom To Stop Labouring In Vain
Are you building in vain? Are you putting much effort and seeing little or no result? This is not God's plan for you, His plan is that you prosper in the works of your hands (Deuteronomy 28:8). This article gives the wisdom to apply to stop laboring in vain.
07/13/2017 08:09 AM
Can You Help Me Understand the Depth and Real Significance of the Words 'Good' and 'Goodness'?
Whatever do we mean by the words 'good' and 'goodness'? Are they not so widely and glibly and liberally used that they can mean almost anything or nothing? These are important words and we need to know what they really mean. Goodness has this intrinsic meaning as having a conviction that a basic holiness permeates things and people, where there is an essential goodness. Does that not impart an amazing depth and significance to this important word? For people seriously interested in spirituality and leadership this has much to teach.
07/12/2017 12:51 PM
Awaken Your Divine Purpose
What has God deposited in you that you are not using? That is a question that we all should ask ourselves from time to time. Many of us have God-given gifts that we are not using.
07/12/2017 08:50 AM
Everyone Has Returned to Life After Death
My reincarnation alerted me to the fact that everyone has returned to life after death. There is no heaven or hell, and the so-called eternal punishment promise to those who oppose religious teaching is a myth born of power. Knowledge that came with me included that of the Spirit of the Universe, the only God.
07/12/2017 08:03 AM
Can We Serve With Kindness, Gentleness, and Humility, in a Day When Competition Is Fierce?
Do you want to live a useful and fruitful life? In your heart is it your desire that your life and service and testimony will bear fruit and be of real help to others - those who are around you - and perhaps even in other nations and countries? How can we help? How can we serve? How may we make a difference in the lives of others?
07/11/2017 09:29 PM
After Death We Carry Forward Lessons From The Past
Most would not realise the importance of reincarnation because it is buried by churches. My experience of passing from life to life allowed insight into the lessons we carry forward which influence how and what we become in the next generation of our being. This shows up in those born with talents, skills, and instincts not explainable otherwise.
07/11/2017 09:29 PM
Why No Two Lives Are The Same
Like fingerprints no two lives are the same because we have all lived before. Experiences gained in those past lives, the times in which we lived, our status, and then death all contribute to the make-up of our character and personalities in this life. Add to that the influence of the time of year in which we were born, as shown by the star-signs, and then the year itself.
07/11/2017 12:54 PM
Are You United With God Through Jesus Christ, or Untied and Separated From Almighty God?
How are you when it comes to patience or longsuffering, in the family, or at school, or at college or at work, no matter where you work? Are you able to 'keep your cool' and control your temper when circumstances and pressures arise and appear as they will. Some people do test us at times - and there are those people who seem to test us all the time! Patience means - having a good temper - someone who has cultivated self-control - someone who does not fly off the handle at the least little thing - someone who does not easily lose their cool. Temper means 'a disposition of mind'.
07/11/2017 12:53 PM
What Our Expectations, Boredom, Frustrations and Cravings Are Saying About Us
INNER experiences of God are a long way away for the dualistic either/or thinker. Yet we all suffer such a dilemma of being. Continually. Over our entire lifespan. We're fortunate to get even one glimpse of the kingdom of heaven, because we're so restricted to the capacities of the mind. Yet if we don't get there, we have no chance of the Kingdom settling in our hearts. But there is hope. Contemplative prayer is the hope.
07/11/2017 09:51 AM
Sparks of Unsubstantiated Lights Drive People From Reality
They may be called sparks or flashes of lights that momentarily light something within the brain so that they are here one minute and gone the next. In conversation with a friend he asked why people are so different in the way they think and act? He has a habit of making me think outside the square and this question does just that.
07/11/2017 09:51 AM
Buried Treasure Unseen by the World and Reserved for God's People
It was a vision that bothered me enormously when shown a vision of a large chest full of treasure deep within the earth. The lid was partly off so the contents were displayed. Day after day for some three weeks I asked the Spirit to show me the meaning of it.
07/11/2017 08:54 AM
How Do We Make the Transition From Confusion to Confidence in These Traumatic Times?
Psychosomatic reactions can produce physical consequences. How do we move from confusion to confidence? As I look back over my lifetime I am not aware of a period where there has been more unrest and dissatisfaction and confusion in so many areas of life. So much depends upon our attitude and I have been looking at perspectives and attitudes quite recently. One of the most healthy attitudes or emotions we can cultivate is that of gratitude, or being thankful. A most unhealthy attitude or emotion is that of bitterness - holding onto grudges, grievances, and resentments. That can be like drinking poison, hoping it will kill someone else.
07/10/2017 08:16 AM
When There Is Confusion, Darkness, Fear and Impending Death, Is That Not When We Need Light?
Confusion appears to be reigning and governing the lives of many in these present times. I wonder why? Politics and economics and morality appear to have changed so much over these past few years. Thirty years ago when we looked at certain aspects of life there was a clarity which is absent today. Yes, there were problems but we knew what we were doing and why we were doing it. When we were at war in 1939 to 1945 we knew who the enemy was and we knew where the enemy was, and at least we knew what we were doing. This is not so today. How can you wage war against terror? When man leaves and departs from the basics all kinds of secure certainties and foundations crash and crumble.
07/07/2017 05:24 PM
A Brief Discussion On the Cost/Benefit of Discipleship
A disciple of Jesus is someone who knows who they are, in Christ, but also in reality. They keep both truths in the forefront of their mind. They treasure both truths in their heart.
07/07/2017 08:13 AM
Why God Allowed Religions and False Gods to Fool the World
The depth of ignorance related to religious power and the fake gods of man's creation is bringing nations into conflict and the world to an end. From a common starting point the variety of faiths and worship of different idols spread into areas where the lack of contact allowed development of different cultures. In places where contact with others took place similarities between them remain.
07/06/2017 12:20 PM
If You Are Weary, or Spiritually Weak, or If This Is Your Question, Your Answer Might Be Here
What are the benefits from believing in Jesus Christ, and what does it really mean to believe in Jesus? As soon as I repent and believe, everything I have ever done wrong is forgiven, because of what Jesus Christ did on the cross. God forgives us freely, completely, instantly. Many are carrying secret guilt, and secret regret, and secret shame. The risen Jesus can rid a person of these. Everyone who believes in Him receives forgiveness of sins through His name. God does not want us to drift through life aimlessly. We can discover God's plan and purpose for our lives. We need God's power to say 'Yes', and God's power to say 'No'. This is not just for some select few. This is available for every and each disciple of Jesus Christ.
07/06/2017 08:06 AM
Is It Coincidence Or A Sign From The Universe
Just a coincidence? When we take notice of these moments magic can happen. I believe they can be signposts to help us along a path or spiritual journey.
07/05/2017 11:56 AM
Can Mystical Thought Not Properly Understood And Applied, Be A Doorway To Mental Illness?
An article I wrote expressing my opinions, views and what I've observed in the spiritual community. As well as a way to improve, enhance, refine it to actually make progress in society and the collective at large.
07/05/2017 08:59 AM
Incompetence of Human Effort
It is God's grace that brings the desire of man's heart. You may try your efforts but it is the grace of God that will bring the result.
07/05/2017 07:28 AM
The Universal Spirit and the Great Hailstones Sent to Destroy the Wall of Deception
At the time the prophecies of the Old Testament were written the authors used terms familiar to them. Hailstones fall from the sky during storms. Thunder, lightning, and wind usually accompany them.
07/04/2017 10:11 PM
The Universal Spirit and the Two Candlesticks Men Follow to Destroy the Planet
Describing the two beasts of Revelation as 'candlesticks' seems odd, but that is exactly what they are. Such a device does not produce a strong light and wind can extinguish its flame. In a world of total darkness, however, their small lights become stronger.
07/04/2017 08:50 AM
Why the Bible Works Against God
We are instructed from childhood that the bible is the word of God and that everything in it is true. If that were the case, then why are modern discoveries contradicting it? The reality is that man is responsible for most of the stories and it is his imagination based on his hopes and dreams that comprises a great portion of it.
07/03/2017 12:52 PM
What Does Spiritual Ascension Mean Anyway?
Has the word 'Ascension' ever evaded, irritated or just plain turned you off? It has for me! Which is why in this article I am shedding some much needed light on this valuable yet often misunderstood topic!
07/03/2017 11:51 AM
The Purpose of Every Experience - To Torment or to Teach
As I raked up the leaves on our driveway and front lawn, it occurred to me that God was teaching me something important about life; something I had missed so many years previously. He had been teaching me the same lesson for nearly the past twelve months.
07/02/2017 10:57 PM
How to Tell If Your Mate Is Possessed
We understand the reluctance to embrace the concept of ghosts and dark energy. Many years ago we were unsure about the notion of demonic energy, and particularly about it influencing human behavior. Today, we believe it's a real epidemic that makes life's difficulties worse, and creates additional problems for countless unsuspecting people.

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