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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is Not Related to I.Q.

It's important to know that Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Intelligence, as measured by I.Q.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Neurologically Based

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a neurologically based disorder. This position has become controversial as many would like to dismiss the diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder altogether saying that there is no evidence of neurological differences, or that there are no medical tests to diagnose ADD ADHD, or that the diagnostic criteria is too broad.

Intro to Being an ADHD Parent

In my fifteen years of private practice working with children with ADHD, one of the common concerns that I observed by parents was the fear that they had done something, or failed to do something, that caused their child's ADHD. I guess it is normal to blame yourself when your child is having problems.

What Is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a medical condition. It is caused by genetic factors that result in certain neurological differences.

How Big of a Problem is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - "ADD" or "ADHD" - affects between five to ten percent (5% - 10%) of all children in the United States, and three to six percent (3% - 6%) of adults. About 35% of all children referred to mental health clinics are referred for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, making it one of the most prevalent of all childhood psychiatric disorders.

Why Does It Seem That There Are More Children With ADHD Than Ever Before?

Even though the percentage of people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is likely the same as in the past, there are three likely reasons why it seems that "there is more ADHD" than ever before: First, we become more aware of problems like this as parents than we were as a children. We have grown up now and we are more concerned about these issues since we have our own children.

Anti-Social Behaviors and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Anti-social behaviors are common with ADHD individuals. About 60% of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder kids are also oppositional or defiant.

What Causes Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?

The most recent models that attempt to describe what is happening in the brains of people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder suggest that several areas of the brain may be affected by the disorder. They include the frontal lobes, the inhibitory mechanisms of the cortex, the limbic system, and the reticular activating system.

Its Never Too Late

First of all, a bit of background: A high school dropout, stay-at-home mom until the age of 40, I wasn't too motivated to learn. Then I read the following quote:"Old Bureaucrat, my comrade, it is not you who are to blame.

Panic Attacks: Effective Ways to Cope

Jill is a 21 y/o college student who used to do well until about a few months ago when she started to experience "weird" attacks almost daily. She described her experience as "horrible.

Are All Dementias Alzheimer's?

I'm surprised when some patients and caregivers confuse dementia and Alzheimer's as one and the same. Each time a family member is suffering from memory loss, the conclusion is always Alzheimer's.

Behavioral Manifestations of Alzheimer's Dementia

Alzheimer's Dementia has a combination of cognitive and behavioral manifestations. Cognitive impairment is the core problem which includes memory deficits and at least one of the following: aphasia or language problem, agnosia or problems with recognition, apraxia or motor activity problem, and impairment in executive functioning (e.

What is the Treatment for Bipolar Disorder?

How do we treat bipolar disorder? Specifically, how do we treat mania or depression associated with bipolar disorder? The treatment of these two clinical states is not the same.The treatment of mania is dependent upon its severity and acuity.

You, I and We

Our life in society hovers around the concept of 'You-I- We'. The first stage is 'You-You' which is called 'dependent' stage.


ABSTRACTBiometric identification refers to identifying an individual based on his/her distinguishing physiological and/or behavioural characteristics. As these characteristics are distinctive to each and every person, biometric identification is more reliable and capable than the traditional token based and knowledge based technologies differentiating between an authorized and a fraudulent person.

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09/11/2017 04:17 PM
To Pray Is to Be
This article takes a heartfelt look at what prayer is and what it does. It defines the person's part in it and why his prayers may not necessarily be answered.
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The Power of Pretence
The establishment is built on pretence which is the most powerful aptitude of human development. When nothing becomes a system of politics, control, domination, and statehood, then the power of zero is raised to the ultimate degree. The height to which humanity has reached is beyond what ancestral beings could ever imagine.
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This article details the many reasons why an adult child usually feels as if he does not belong in the world and why he cannot connect with others. It discusses post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), adverse upbringings, and attachment disorders.
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The Right Psychotherapy For Every Case
Your dreams help you have a global image of your reality and an internal image of your psychological system. So, you stop thinking based on erroneous concepts and you acquire the right mindset. You are ignorant, even if the knowledge you have seems to be impressing in your historical time. The knowledge you have is distorted by numerous factors in the cruel world ruled by greedy marketers.
08/14/2017 08:07 AM
Understanding Mental & Physical Health Issues After Severe Head Injuries or a Traumatic Brain Injury
Health Issues as cognitive effects, behavior, physical changes in consciousness, sensory problems are reviewed as well as process of recovery and care. The important care factors as emotional support, communication and working with the rehabilitation team are also presented. While complications of a brain injury can be difficult to define a prognosis, an introduction and overview here can be very helpful to families, affected ones and caretakers when this sudden change in a persons life occurs. It is also helpful for family and friends of affected people to better understand what is occurring with their loved ones and how to support.
08/12/2017 09:17 AM
Why Communism and Religion Operate With The Same Psychology
Over years of observing them what struck me the most was how similar in principle are the two extremes of communism and religion. While the first is a modern form of nation dominance the second is probably the oldest. As people wake up to the facts about nature, the world, and the universe religion has lost its place as the great source of mystery while communism has filled the gap to enable powerful men to continue in power.
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The Aftershocks of Trauma
This article first defines trauma and then discusses its numerous aftershocks. It discusses such manifestations as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), the adult child syndrome, retriggerings, self-image, and the inabiality to experience intimacy.
08/07/2017 07:46 AM
The Psychology Behind Catholic Claims of Angels and the Origin of Its Relics
Everything the Vatican has done over the years has been to add credibility to its claims. The question is how credible are they in the light of the fanciful notions presented to the public, most of which are beyond belief? Many of the relics were supposedly brought to Rome by Helena, the mother of the emperor, Constantine, after he established the organisation in 325 AD.
08/06/2017 09:29 AM
What Is the Psychology Behind The Kama Sutra?
The Kama Sutra is an ancient text written by Vatsyayana around the 2nd CAD in India. He was of the Vedic tradition, from which the Trinity god made its way into Christianity. Prior to writing and printing there were images in stone that show exotic sexual poses, such as in the Hindi sex temples at Khajuharo.
07/27/2017 06:14 PM
Higher Power, Lower You
This article explains how a dysfunctional and abusive upbringing can separate you from God or the Higher Power of your understanding. It illustrates how and why you end up lower than he and therefore can no longer feel him or connect with him.
07/25/2017 07:59 AM
Why a Penny Saved Is Not Always a Penny Earned
My grandmother was always quoting things at us while we grew up post World War II and the worst depression ever. She saved everything and was very keen to make sure that waste was not on our program. Lights were turned off immediately they ceased to be used, bits of string were wound up and put into a draw, and wrapping paper was always preserved for recycling.
07/14/2017 09:46 AM
A High Security Prison Without Walls or Guards, But Only Some Escape
The vision showed me a city. It had everything that anyone could want in life and it glowed with love and beauty. A man walked out of the city and came towards me before turning off to my left.
07/14/2017 09:45 AM
Psychological Power Begins With Mind Control
Watching a young girl of six years old being fitted with a head scarf in the Muslim tradition on a television news item was sickening. Australia is a hot climate country and even in winter the temperature can get rather high in Southern regions while in the north it can go into the thirties. The little girl ripped the scarf off and declared that it was too hot.
07/06/2017 09:35 AM
Quantum Psychiatry
Mental health has been on the front burner since so many of us turned to unhealthy coping methods during recent times. Addictions and self-medicating have set many humans back on the emotional health scale. Finally, we are absorbing new ideas that correct our imbalances and raise our energy.
06/24/2017 10:41 AM
The Universe: Are We Looking Through the Wrong End of the Telescope?
Almost every day, it seems, we read something in the media about new evidence that we may not be alone in the universe. The search for alien life, once the province of science fiction, has become an established and respected field of astronomical research. The universe is portrayed as an inconceivably vast space with billions of stars, and a statistical probability of having spawned intelligent life on numerous planets in Goldilocks zones around diverse suns. Man, whom the Christian Church once decreed to be the centre of creation, is now viewed more as a random emanation of no particular significance in the grand plan of the cosmos.
06/23/2017 08:27 AM
Analyzing Your Behavior And Your Personality Through Dream Translation
Your personality is composed by numerous contrasting parts, which have a different behavior. In order to improve your personality you have to transform the negative parts of your personality into positive ones.You can accomplish this goal by translating the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me.The existence of multiple personalities in the same person's psyche is confirmed when we analyze cases...
04/06/2017 08:22 AM
Types of Child Counseling
When a kid is growing up, he is going through a long developmental period. At times, it is hard for kids to deal with the day-to-day stress and bad experiences. One way to help your kid deal with these issues is to seek help from a child counselor. Read on to know more about it.
03/19/2017 03:15 PM
Mind-Brain Duality As Wave-Particle Duality
Two of the real biggies when it comes to 1) physics, and 2) neurology / psychology are 1) wave - particle duality, and 2) mind - brain (or body) duality. Could the former assist in explaining the latter? If particles can turn into waves, can brain-matter turn into brain-waves and thus a manifestation of what we call the mind?
02/21/2017 08:15 AM
Why Dreams Help You Understand How Your Brain Works
Your anti-conscience is eliminated because your conscience becomes stronger than your anti-conscience. The negative parts of your personality become positive parts of your personality. Their positive characteristics are developed based on goodness and the psychological functions that were in a wild condition acquire human characteristics.You must desire to follow this process of transformation because you must protect your mental health during your life and prepare your destiny.
02/05/2017 08:15 PM
The Barriers to an Adult Child's Self-Esteem
This article takes a look at the barriers that stand in the way of an adult child's sense of self-esteem. It traces their origin and discusses what hinders it.
01/24/2017 09:47 AM
Psychotherapy and Visualisation
In this paper I wish to describe the technique of visualisation in the process of psychotherapy as applied to clients in a counselling setting. There are two purposes for visualisation, the first being a technique of relaxation in a therapy session, guided imagination and ability to project thoughts and feelings onto the scene. The second, for home use, where imagery through art or illustration can help to projection and relaxation of the client (patient) in a controlled setting. The first part I shall show the verbal imagery in therapy and in the second the ability to use the technique for self-growth and cognitive insight.
01/22/2017 09:26 AM
Universities Teaching Emotional Intelligence - Which Means Just Shut Up And Don't Question Authority
What is emotional intelligence? Well often it means the ability to keep your mouth shut, don't tell anyone what you really think, that way your mouth won't get you into trouble. Is that really good advice? Maybe for worker bees, but not for entrepreneurs, creative folks or presidents it seems.
12/30/2016 08:18 AM
The Real Importance Of Dreams And Warnings
Your mental health depends on your capacity to respect your moral principles when you are tempted to do something absurd and evil that seems to be advantageous for you, but is in fact a trap prepared by your satanic anti-conscience. You must be afraid of all dangers instead of believing that you can control your behavior and you will never do something you disapprove. Your dreams help you avoid having a sad surprise because they show you dangers that you cannot see.
12/28/2016 08:52 AM
The Adult Child Syndrome
This article analyzes the causes of the adult child syndrome. It then discusses its many manifestations.
12/28/2016 07:58 AM
The Genetics Of Bad Behavior - The Nature Versus Nurture Debate Continues
Can we blame criminal behavior on our gene set? Some believe so, but if this is the case, than one's crimes are pre-dispositioned and then we could say that it isn't their fault, it's how they were made. This of course opens up Pandora's Box because we are all supposed to be equal under the law - but how can we be once we admit that we are not ALL EQUAL to start with. That's a catch-22 for the politically correct isn't it? Yes, but maybe we ought to discuss this a bit, as it was a topic of conversation at our think tank, where we pride ourselves in knowing; No Topic Is Off Limits. So, let's talk shall we?
12/22/2016 07:53 AM
We Have A Real Problem With Gender Psychology Based Research Funding In America
Many have stated that previously underrepresented minorities in our society were passed over when there were research studies on health, psychology, or in the social science of society. However, today if you search just about any topic of Google Scholar immediately in the results will be "gender and minority" based studies, in a greater percentage than studies of non-minorities or studies that are fully inclusive based on averages. It's as if you cannot find what you are looking for, as there are so many of these minority and gender based studies? Why? Political Correctness of course, let me explain.
12/19/2016 08:25 AM
Psychological Paranoia - A Theory As To Why Many High IQ Brains Suffer From Such Things
Higher IQ people are more apt to suffer from psychological paranoia - but why? Could it be that they have such large memories and memories which are so vivid that they pick up subtle nuances, patterns and anomalies easier and try to make meaning of it all? Over the years running a think tank, I've talked to a huge number of over-the-top intelligent folks, all of which seem to be carrying some quirks or psychological baggage with all that brilliance, so let's talk shall we?
12/14/2016 07:58 AM
Before You Claim Moral Superiority Over Your Goodness And Empathy - Think On This
Many people persecute the philosophy of the late Ayn Rand and her Objectivism Theories. I am not one of them. In Ayn Rand's Philosophy she states that people naturally do what is in their best interests, even when they help others. Inherently, people help others due to the psychological reality of reciprocity and because it makes them feel good to help others.
12/13/2016 10:09 AM
Misdiagnosis of Schizophrenia & Other Mental Disorders
In this article we will examine why clinicians diagnose serious mental illnesses and why misdiagnosis is a common factor in the process. Looking at the definitions of schizophrenia and labelling as an incidence of laziness, misunderstanding, poor training and guidance from the psycho-pharmaceutical industry to sell powerful money making drugs for life. To remind ourselves as clinicians that mental illness labels are not real, but a cluster of symptoms, that describe a persons perception of reality to enable directed treatment and internal psychiatric discussion with familiar terms that mean something to the treating doctors.
11/14/2016 11:25 AM
How to Deal With Different Psychological Characters
What is the effect of psychology on our daily life? Why should we know? Well, there is no easy answer, and to be honest, you will still be able to get on with your life even if you did not know any of that. But if you care about increasing your productivity and chances in getting what you want, then psychology and especially psychoanalysis, will help you in achieving that.
11/07/2016 03:33 PM
The Psychology of Genius
On the power of genius and the need to develop practical psychological models and solutions to nurture geniuses. I've written a lot about the creative genius already. However the psychological profile of geniuses needs a separate discussion because it is very interesting and the traits or attributes of genius are so unique that they need proper identification and delineation.
10/17/2016 12:07 PM
Games People Play
When we talk about games that people play, our mind automatically registers a physical sport activity or a board game for leisure or on a professional basis. 'Games People Play' is the name of a bestseller which has sold over 5 million copies worldwide. Written by psychiatrist Eric Berne the book is an exhaustive work on functional as well as dysfunctional social interactions between people.
10/17/2016 10:36 AM
The Psychology of Intelligence
On the five types of intelligence (we don't need to consider more than these five) and why we need to develop comprehensive intelligence tests that will measure all types of intelligence. If in your teenage years you felt like an alien from another planet, felt like you could not relate to people, felt like a social misfit, odd, out of place, never had too many friends, felt like a loner, felt that the world is too stupid for you to be part of it, and still feel a bit out of place, my recommendation is...
09/26/2016 09:13 AM
Codependence: A Manifestation of the Adult Child Syndrome
This article analyzes how and why codependence becomes a manifestation of the adult child syndrome. It discusses its many aspects, signs, ills, and cures.
09/02/2016 09:19 AM
Impotence in Women
Women Impotence or female sexual dysfunction is an intermittent problem with sexual response, desire, orgasm or pain. It is a withdrawn or inhibited sexual desire (ISD) which is characterized by a lack of sexual fantasies and desire for sexual activity.
08/30/2016 08:43 AM
The Impact of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder on an Adult Child
This article examines how post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, affects an adult child's life. It explains how the disorder is formed and details its many symptoms.
08/18/2016 07:49 AM
The Unknown Importance Of The Meaning Of Dreams
Carl Jung discovered the unconscious psychotherapy in the dream messages, and I confirmed the value of the unconscious treatment in dreams with my work and my discoveries, after continuing his research, proving that God is everyone's doctor, since He is the dream producer. Our dreams reflect what is happening in our psyche, what is happening in the world, what happened in the past, and what will happen in the future.
08/11/2016 03:59 PM
The Circular Conundrum of Self-Love
This article discusses what can be considered the circular conundrum of self-love for adult children of alcoholics. It leads the reader from his need to give life, but analyzes why he could not receive it from his parents.
08/09/2016 07:58 AM
What Psychology Says About Yourself
Psychology will say that you can just sustain a high level of attention for about 10 minutes. Your attention span maxes out at around 10 minutes even when it is something that interests you much.
08/05/2016 07:41 AM
Humility Is a Lie - A Construct of Society
If lying is bad and deception is wrong, then how come we work so hard to ensure that people lie and deceive - you know the little white lies? One example of this is how we force others to be humble, but why, is it so we can feel good about ourselves? Shouldn't we really want to know when someone is confident, capable and achieved - why all the pretense, why is that considered a virtue?
08/04/2016 11:23 AM
Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Psychologist
To choose the right psychologist, there are important factors you have to consider. You can read these factors on this post.
08/02/2016 08:43 AM
The Science of Generosity
Generosity is an act of giving that is associated with a broad range of positive emotions, such as kindness, love, compassion, joy, empathy, hope and awe. The benefits derived from an act of generosity come not only from its external actions but more from its internal state of mind.
08/01/2016 08:25 AM
How Often Do You Call Someone A Narcissist? That May Say More About You Than Them
Well, here we are in the middle of a full-blown, gloves off Presidential Race in 2016 and the amount of name-calling and political correctness is surely causing chaos. Friends and relatives have stopped talking to each other, the media is fanning the flames and new terms and labels are being added daily. Sure, we still have the other labels such as; Racist, Homophobe, Corrupt, Fraudster, etc. but we also have a new one, which hasn't been used much in the last few elections; Narcissist.
07/18/2016 03:57 PM
How Abuse Shapes an Adult Child's Life
Although there are several types of abuse, all cause the adult child syndrome. This article examines the behavioral manifestations of them.
07/07/2016 01:41 PM
What Is an Adult Child's Definition of Happiness?
Everyone has his own definition of "happiness," but an adult child's is like no other's. This article explores why.
07/01/2016 10:17 AM
Abortion Counselling (Termination, Miscarriage and Sudden Infant Death)
Abortion is a controversial subject in any culture from moral, religious, personal beliefs and medical views of what is right, wrong and the rights of women. In this article I will try to show the approach taken from a psychotherapeutic point of view as to how a woman can be assisted in making decisions about her own well-being, the life of the unborn baby, the personal and social impact of that decision on her life, her family and her relationships. We will also cover briefly and in context the idea of termination, of having an unplanned miscarriage and sudden infant death including infanticide of children in a further paper to be published.
06/22/2016 08:08 AM
Get the Help You Need
Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind, its functions and development. Our mind is an enigmatic organ that holds within itself the secrets of the universe. This brain also controls our entire body from the time it is created till the time it dies. The reason we are who we are can be attributed largely to our mind and its functioning. To understand this working and uncover who we are as people and know ourselves and the people around us better, is the main motto of psychology. People who practice this science are called psychologists.
06/13/2016 08:39 AM
The Role of Denial in an Adult Child's Life
This article examines the role of denial to both an alcoholic and the adult child he unknowingly raises. It discusses why this sometimes very powerful mechanism is the only way both can cope with a debilitating condition from which neither seem able to escape.
06/10/2016 04:11 PM
Finding The Solutions You Need In Your Dreams
You have to understand that your concepts are based on false beliefs and that you will be in a better position if you will be humble. It will be much better for you if you will suffer being despised by others, instead of being falsely well-treated. This way you will understand how those who are around you behave if they are not afraid of you, and they forget to wear the social mask that always covers their face when they are with others. Wisdom is painful, but precious.
05/17/2016 02:45 PM
Narcissistic Mothers and Children's Mental Well-Being
Most people never even think of the possibility of narcissistic mothers. We have a huge cultural limit badly thinking about mothers. So, I decided to write about Narcissists & their children's mental well-being.

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