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Mobile & Cell Phone Information

Kids & Cell Phones

Is it safety? Is it security? Or is it just cool? Have you ever noticed how many kiosks have popped up in you favorite mall? And just about all of them are selling cell phones. Teens can actually design their own graphics and have the graphic airbrushed on the face of the phone itself.

SMS Daycare & Gaming

Using the Physical World as a Game Board. This is not Kinky Day Care! SMS stands for Short Message Service.

Cell Phone Etiquette

CELL PHONE ETIQUETTE Okay, I'll admit I have been pushed over the edge. This morning, while reading the newspaper, I learned that a major airline is going to allow the use of the cell phone while taxiing to the gate! Can you imagine what that is going to be like? For two years I have thinking about doing a seminar on cell phone etiquette.

New Tips For Shopping Cellular Services

The best money saving practice for buying new cellular phones and service plans is to buy from a dealer, not through the cellular provider directly. Dealers compete against each other with lower prices than the actual cellular providers do.

The Importance Of Cell Phones In Modern Society

Cell phones have become a necessity for many people throughout the world. The ability to keep in touch with family, business associates, and access to email are only a few of the reasons for the increasing importance of cell phones.

Knowing the difference between Cell Phones and Cell Phone Plans Will Save You Time and Money

Many people go looking for cell phones without too much emphasis being put on the cell phone plans. Many new users who sign up to the different networks have been sold to rather than choosing the best option the suits them.

Overview of Cellular Phone Carriers

How many times have you heard of people spending hundreds of dollars on the latest and greatest cell phone only to be disappointed by the bad signal? Dropping calls is another very annoying occurrence with cell phones. You need to look very carefully into the cell phone carrier that you wish to sign up with.

Camera Phones - Are They The Real Deal?

It's no surprise If you've become interested in the new camera phones being advertised by cellular service providers on television. They have quickly become one of the fastest selling technologies in U.

Should Your Teenage Have A Cellular Phone?

The time has come and your teenager has asked for one but you're not sure if you should supply one or not. No were not talking about a car.

Mobile Phone Accessories

Discounted Mobile Phone AccessoriesMobile Phones have become a part of everyday life with more and more people enjoying the service and extra freedom they provide. Their popularity has prompted BB Shopping - a leading UK online store to offer mobile phone accessories as gift items at discounted rates to our customers.

Cell Phone Abuse - Tips to Curb Employee Abuse

Looking for a way to save your enterprise or government organization tens of thousands of dollars a month or more on wireless mobile communication use? First off, it's going to take some discipline and innovative management for your cellular communication services to become more cost efficient and less prone to abuse. Cell phone and handheld usage can bleed a corporation's IT communications funding dry without so much as a turn of the head, or at least until it's too late.

Short Messaging Service (SMS) for Enterprise Messaging

SMS for Enterprise Messaging - Value added servicesShort message service, usually called SMS, is a globally accepted wireless service for enterprise messaging (mobile value added services) that enables the transmission of alphanumeric messages between mobile subscribers and external systems such as electronic mail, paging, and voice-mail systems.The text comprises letters or numbers or an alphanumeric combination.

Why Mobile SMS/Text Messaging?

What is Mobile SMS/ Test Messaging?Mobile text Messaging, or Short Message Service (SMS), as we all know it, is the ability to send and receive text messages to and from mobile telephones. The text can comprise words or numbers or an alphanumeric combination.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Prepaid Cell Phones

We are constantly seeing advertisements on TV promoting cell phones and cell phones carriers with what they call great introductory offers if you sign up with them on their network.Is it worthwhile signing a one-year contract with a cell phone carrier?Well that is a question that you need to answer for yourself, while the pricing may look attractive you need to consider if you will be using the phone on a regular daily basis.

Satellite Phones: Essential for the Marine Industry

With more offshore fishing boats taking customers further out into the deep blue ocean in search of Billfish, Tunas and others, satellite phones are quickly becoming an essential for all offshore fishing and boating enthusiasts.The growing popularity in offshore fishing tournaments, charter boats, and individuals searching for that elusive Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Swordfish and other fish that reside in deep water, warrants the utmost in boating safety.

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07/26/2017 09:23 AM
Phone Shopping Tips - You Must Know These Tips
When shopping for a phone, no one wants to get into a deal they hate. In my opinion, their is not much education on the internet that reveals the proper ways to go about getting a phone. Today, I have put together four different Factors that you should look into as the consumer when you are going to shop for these devices.
07/22/2017 12:11 PM
Powering Business Growth With iOS App Localisation
The last 9 years have witnessed a Big Bang in the smartphone industry. You can now have the smartest of phones in your pocket without burning a hole in it.
07/19/2017 09:40 AM
Cell Phone Bill - Here Are Some Sneaky Charges Hidden In Your Bill
As the consumer, we are always curious to figure out why our cell phone bills are so high. It like an unsolved mystery and in my opinion, I believe the average consumer is being over-charged. To begin, there are charges that are mandated federally. The other most common charges are from the state and local taxes. According to a site cell phone magazine, there are roughly over 75 different types of fees that your carrier can charge.
07/18/2017 08:06 AM
Advantages Of an Android Phone
In the world of smartphones, Android is on top of the list since it's the most widely used OS. The popularity is because of the features the OS offers. Given below are a few advantages offered by the OS. Read on to know more.
07/13/2017 03:19 PM
New Yorkers, Now's the Time to Make Tech Repairs Accessible for the Average Consumer
The Fair Repair Act is a bill currently in committee in the New York Senate. The Act would make it easier for the average electronics consumer to find quality repair services. Apple, Verizon, and Lexmark, among others, are lobbying against the bill. Learn why it matters, not only to independent repair technicians, but to all electronics consumers.
07/13/2017 12:18 PM
iPhone Software Updates - Paperweight Creators
Apple releases new and "improved" phones every year and classifies the older models as outdated. In a term called "planned obsolescence", Apple sends software updates to older phones in order to make them crash, so that you have to buy the newest phone.
07/13/2017 12:17 PM
The General Guide to Choosing a Phone
Today, there are hundreds of types of phones to choose from - and if you don't know the difference between Androids and iPhones, it becomes even harder to choose. There are some major differences between them that will generally push people into one camp or the other, or at least, make a more informed decision about your mobile phone. Hardware Apple, as the only company to make iPhones, has excellent hardware and therefore, excellent quality in all their phones.
07/12/2017 10:13 AM
5 Best Mobile Security Apps
Keeping your mobile safe and secure has become one of the key priorities and challenges today. Smartphone owners would rather lose their wallets than their mobile devices. Get to know some of the best mobile security apps useful for the safety of your mobile device.
07/10/2017 10:48 AM
Common iPhone Hacks Users Want to Know
Many people believe that the iPhone already contains everything that you could possibly imagine. But there are also some people who beg to differ.
07/10/2017 10:04 AM
Cell Phone Bill Dilema - Here Is Why Your Bill Is High
People all over the world spend at least 35-50% more on their phone bill then they did in 2006. Every phone user is wonder why he or she is paying significantly more on their phone bill. Today I am going to share with you some reasons why your phone bill is high. After you know these reasons, you will be able to avoid common pitfalls and save roughly 16% more.
06/28/2017 12:12 PM
4 Smartphone Repairs That Are Possible To Do Yourself
Dropping an expensive smartphone can easily crack the screen and totally ruin your day. While the smartphone isn't built to be self-repaired, there are several basic issues that can be fixed with a little know-how and the right tools.
06/26/2017 08:19 AM
iOS 11 Update: What's In Store for iOS App Developers?
Each year Apple reveals the latest version of iOS at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Apple has schedules its WWDC 2017 in June. The company is expected to showcase iOS 11 at its next annual developer conference. But many bloggers, app developers, and market analysts have already started speculating the changes Apple would include in the next version of its mobile operating systems. Based on the news stories and blogs posted on various websites the developers can gather information about the rumored features of iOS 11. Each news story or blog further describes the rumored features of iOS 10 based on information collected from various sources.
06/22/2017 09:27 PM
What to Do If Your Cell Phone Gets Wet
Your cell phone is more than a phone, it's your mobile computer. If it gets wet, it can be very difficult to save. If you can't save it, you can still recycle it for cash and buy a new phone!
06/16/2017 03:28 PM
Mobile Market Research - Are You Thinking About Disregarding It?
Mobile market research is rapidly turning into an extremely proficient approach to gather data within certain demographic group. Smart phones are having a major effect on how markets researchers collaborate with those they inquire about. This article discusses how mobile marketing researches should now be possible anyplace and all around and concentrate more on the people that it can reach.
06/14/2017 08:34 AM
The Smart Way to Use Smartphones
For most of us, it's impossible to imagine life without mobile phones. Yet, these devices can be dangerous if not used properly. Read some tips about the smart way to use smartphones.
06/12/2017 09:15 PM
7 Benefits Of Using An Android Smartphone
Are you trying to find the best OS? You may be thinking that Android is the best. According to statistics, around 80% of smartphones run Android. Given below are some main benefits of an Android smartphone. Read on.
06/02/2017 12:01 PM
6 Useful Tips to Extend Your iPhone Battery Life
Poor battery life for the iPhone can cause a wide range of issues. However, it is possible to get the most out of a full battery charge by using the built-in apps and resources in the right way.
05/31/2017 09:28 AM
Make Your Apps Easy To Navigate
Navigation is what makes a mobile app successful. Make sure your app's navigation is intuitive and easily accessible.
05/23/2017 03:16 PM
Choosing A Mobile Phone And How Not To Have Sunday Morning Sex
Mobile phones are such an integral part of our business lives, with which you have the ability communicate with every part of the world. It can turn every member of your organisation into its ambassador, creating new pathways into the marketplace. So, choosing the right mobile platform for the company is something to consider wisely.
05/20/2017 03:27 PM
Mobile Apps Design Tips
For an effective mobile app development, a good design is important. Make sure your app has an effective design.
05/08/2017 10:58 AM
A Quick Overview of All the Nokia Smartphones Released at Mobile World Congress 2017
Nokia has launched a plethora of smartphones at the Mobile World Congress 2017. In addition to smartphones, the Finland-based company has also launched smart health products and the classic game Snake.
05/02/2017 12:04 PM
All About Cellphone Batteries
Even if you have a high quality phone, you will have to replace the battery once in a while. A tells tale sign that it's time to replace your battery is reduced lifespan. If you could go for days without recharging your phone and now you have to recharge it after a few hours, it's time to get a new battery.
05/01/2017 10:21 AM
Nokia Is Back With the 6
After many years of being off the market, the much beloved brand Finnish has risen from the dead with its first new Android phone. The new phone from them has to be amongst one of the most hotly anticipated phones around the world in 2017. Nowhere is this more so than in Asian countries, where Nokia was once one of the most respected and well known brands in the country.
04/25/2017 12:25 PM
Samsung Rebounds Nicely With The Galaxy 8
2016 will be a year to forget for Samsung and its phone products. The Galaxy 7 Note was a disaster as its battery blow ups became somewhat legendary, and not in a good way. The phone was even banned by the airlines.
04/24/2017 10:37 AM
The Case for the Vivo V5
Today's we'll look at some of the most important reasons that you should and shouldn't buy the Vivo V5. First off, what is the Vivo V5? The V5 is an aggressively priced mid-range Android device from new smartphone maker Vivo.
04/20/2017 11:26 AM
iPhone 5s Parts For Sale - How to Grab the Opportunity
Apple is definitely one of the most popular and trustworthy brands, and its smartphone - the iPhone, is actually a highly coveted gadget for tech enthusiasts across the world. Another fact that every Apple gadget owner is aware of is that these devices are expensive, to say the least.
04/20/2017 10:32 AM
Tips To Sort The Best E-Tailer To Buy an iPhone 6 Screen Replacement Kit
People take different measures to protect their precious iPhones from pollution, dirt and physical and water damage. Some use armored covers and flip covers while some want to flaunt their device and use only tempered glass screen protectors.
04/20/2017 10:31 AM
Save Money By Using an iPhone 5c Replacement Screen DIY Kit
Most iPhone users have to put up with screen damage and related issues at some or the other. No matter how well designed and robustly built this gadget may be, it is still a fragile tool in your hands.
04/19/2017 10:44 AM
DIY Steps to Change iPhone 6 Screen Parts
If your beloved iPhone 6 screen has suffered any type of physical damage and its screen has been shattered beyond recognition then you should waste no time in replacing it. But there are certain things that should be kept in mind while doing that.
04/18/2017 11:43 AM
Factors To Consider In Finding The Best Personal Mobile Phone Plans
It is important to be cautious when searching for personal mobile phone plans. This is important to ensure that services you have opted for can accommodate your needs properly.
04/04/2017 11:28 AM
Mobile Phone - A Necessity or an Addiction?
Oh! This would be a very typical question in this current generation.
04/01/2017 09:58 AM
How to Mirror an iPhone Screen on a Mac or PC
Are you looking for an app to mirror the screen of your iPhone on a PC or Mac? If so, we suggest that you check out 5KPlayer, which is compatible with both Windows OS and Mac OS X. One of the greatest features of this app is that it is compatible with AirPlay. This feature allows you to use the player to mirror your phone screen on Windows and Mac. Therefore, you can enjoy your favorite games and other stuff on your Mac or Windows computer. Read on to know how you can do it step by step.
03/09/2017 07:50 AM
Mobile Phone Parts - How to Buy Them Online
A mobile phone is made up of many different sections of integrated circuitry (ICs) like the CPU, the Network IC, the Flash IC, the Power IC, the Charger IC, and the Logic IC. It is also made up of network related Antenna switch and P.F.O. Then there are the oscillators and crystals, filters, ROM, and RAM. These are the main internal parts of a mobile phone, which cover all its functions of display, networking, storage, etc. Then there are the external frames and accessories all of which are specific to their brands and model numbers. Like every manufactured product, there is a thriving online market for such parts and with mobile phones becoming the most important accessory in today's scenario, this marketplace is absolutely booming!
03/02/2017 11:41 AM
Best Mobiles Under 5000 With 2GB RAM In India
In some recent times, the price of mobile phones drop so much that today you can buy a good smartphone under Rs.5000. The main point is that the mobiles are very impressive in terms of everything from specs to design quality.
02/23/2017 08:36 AM
Top 5 Tips to Take Better Pictures on the Android Smartphone
Now you do not need a professional camera to become a professional photographer. A lot can be done with your Android phone camera. Just learn some basics of smartphone photography and get surprisingly best shots from your Android phone.
02/22/2017 08:40 AM
Five Tips to Boost Battery Life of Your Android Smartphone
High-end smartphones offer a huge number of features, but unfortunately, they don't have a reliable battery life. Over the last few years, the endurance of Android handsets has reduced due to a number of factors such as sleek designs with less space for batteries, larger and brighter screens, faster quad-core processors, multitasking functionality and shift to 4G from 3G networks.
02/21/2017 03:32 PM
How to Save Your Water Soaked Cell Phone
Dropping your cell phone in water does not necessarily mean the end of its life. You can save your phone with some pretty simple household items.
02/06/2017 09:56 PM
Why Investing In The Latest Mobile Phones Is Important
Improve your lifestyle easily by investing in mobile phones. These mobile phones can provide the best features that can make your tasks better and easier.
02/01/2017 10:56 AM
Simple Ways Of Securing Important Information On Your Smartphone
The most obvious security issue with mobile phones is that they can easily be stolen, lost and misplaced exposing you to potential breach of security. Criminal control over your phone leaves you with little data control and there is never telling what could happen. The fact that people use mobile phones for serious things such as online banking and online transactions increases the risks. There is also a huge increase in mobile malware especially with downloads from third party apps and visits to insecure websites.
01/31/2017 08:57 AM
Record Breaking Sales for the Redmi Note 4
Xiaomi is seeing a slump in sales in its home market of China. The brand has lost a lot of ground to homegrown rivals and now it is no longer in even the top 5 brands in the Chinese market. This is a huge slide for a brand that was once hailed as the Apple of China.
01/31/2017 08:24 AM
What to Expect From the iPhone 8
Apple is expected to release the next generation of its iPhone series later this year. The new iPhone 8 series, if rumors are correct, will be different in size and feel. DigiTimes cited a source indicating Apple will launch three models in different sizes.
01/25/2017 09:38 AM
Is the New Moto M a Hit or a Miss?
The new owner of the Motorola brand, Lenovo, has been quite good to the brand, keeping alive its three most popular phone models the Moto X, the Moto G and the Moto E and improving them with each iteration. However things in 2017 are very different from what they were 3 or 4 years ago, in the Android marketplace. When Motorola introduced the original Moto X, Moto E and Moto G, they were ground breaking devices that combined great features with aggressive pricing and an almost stock flavour of Android that allowed people to experience the Google operating system as...
01/13/2017 10:43 AM
Useful Tips To Consider When Switching To A Prepaid Phone Plan
Prepaid phone plans offer various benefits that post-paid ones can't provide. If you're ready to switch to a prepaid phone plan and let go of your postpaid one, below are some tips you can consider.
01/11/2017 02:07 PM
Simple iPhone 7 Repairs And Fixes For Common Problems Users Encounter
In order to ensure the reliability and functionality of your mobile phones, it is important to visit phone repair shops. These shops have the skills and tools to fix your phones properly.
01/09/2017 09:01 AM
Your Phone Can Help You Stay Connected From Anywhere
The days of a cell phone being used just for emergencies are long gone. They aren't even just for calls anymore. It is amazing all the things offered including business programs, Cloud storage, watching videos, games, and more. With all of this offered, it is crucial to have mobile device management strategies in place.
01/08/2017 12:00 PM
How to Quickly Unlock Your iPhone or iPad With iOS 10
We used to unlock our iPhones and iPads with a simple "Slide to Unlock." It was easy. With iOS 10 it's different-- now it's a confusing "Press Home to Unlock" which often results in a "click / double-click / oops that's Siri / oops that's Apple Pay" click-a-thon. When you finally get the thing unlocked you're not really sure how you did it because you tried so many things. It was better the old way, but we can do something about it.
01/03/2017 12:18 PM
Top 5 Apps to Maximize Your Android Performance
Android apps help users speed up their device performance significantly. These apps offer user-friendly experience and prove effective to improve the performance of the device. Let's discuss some of these apps here.
12/28/2016 09:49 AM
A Lucrative Way to Trade in Obsolete Smart Devices Like iPhones & More
Way to trade in used or broken iPhones, Android and BlackBerry gadgets, etc., got easier by modern day online stores. Highest possible price, bulk buying, recycling are to mention a few among many of those.
12/22/2016 01:58 PM
How to Clean Your Dirty Cell Phone And Elongate The Life Of Your Device
We use our cell phones every day in this tech obsessed and ultra connected golden age of consumerism. For most of us, they are in our hands from the moment we wake up until we fall asleep at night. At this point you have definitely seen how the grease or makeup stains where your fingers or face have repeatedly touched the screen accumulate.
12/20/2016 07:51 AM
Cleaning Cloths On One Side, Cell Phone Stickers On The Other
Cell phones are everywhere. From chain stores to mall kiosks; selling mobile products has become a booming market all its own. Distributors and service providers are dedicated, if not a little obsessed, with finding you the "perfect" cell phone plan.

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