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How Testimonials Can Put You in the Spotlight

If you need evidence that a testimonial or referral can help you, let me tell you a personal story:

My friend Dave raved about his boss all the time. "She knows I'm still in school," he said, "so she always asks about my schedule."

"She's really smart, too," he added. "The company wants to promote her, but she keeps telling them she really trained to teach. She's just waiting for a job opening."

"Hey," I stopped him, "if she's so great, why don't you take her out?"

"Nah," he said. "She's too old for me."

"So, how old is she?" I shot back. "30?40?more?"

"Nope?she's 23. That's about right for you. Want me to get you a date with her?"

Not wanting to appear desperate - which I was -- I hesitated, then said, "I guess that's OK. How about tomorrow?" Well, he set us up.

Did the date work out? I guess so. Twenty-plus years later we're still happily married.

Bottom line: I'm amazed, bewildered, and confused that companies don't use testimonials - or appropriate anecdotes - more often than they do.

I'm also surprised that when somebody sends me a resume', it sometimes leaves out a list of references.

Potential customers - or employers - want to know what you can do well. The endorsement of another person who knows and works with you can mean a lot.

Rix Quinn writes a weekly syndicated humor column, and serves as a writing consultant to schools, colleges, and business groups.

For more details on testimonials, see Chapter 3 of Rix's book "Words That Stick." It's available from you local bookstore, or

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