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Write It and They Will Come - 5 Ways that Written Information Products Can Help You Build Your Busin

Whether it's a downloadable report available from your website, a book sold in the bookstore or a brochure that you hand out at a trade show, an information product is just that - a product that contains information.

A well-written information product is valuable to your potential customers because it offers them insight, tips, solutions or awareness into the issues that most concern them. A written information product is valuable to you because it can help you to build your business. Here's how:

1. You can create a targeted list of names and email addresses. By offering a written information product available at your website, such as a free e-course or special report, you're giving your visitors something valuable in return for their name and email address. When your information product is created especially to address the needs of your target market, you know that the people who request it will be interested in what you're doing.

2. You're the expert. A written information product demonstrates your expertise in the topic that you specialize in. It will make you more attractive and credible to prospective clients and customers as well as to referral sources and the media.

3. You stay on their minds. A written information product such as a brochure or handout is something people can take away with them, when you meet them at networking events, trade shows or in line at the grocery store. Because it has useful information, they will want to keep it and look at it again.

4. Your visitors have an attractive variety of options. For customers or clients that are unable or unwilling to pay for your top-level consulting or in-person services, written information products offer a cost-effective option for you and a valuable and satisfying option for your clients.

5. You're open 24/7. Your prospective clients and customers can take action and get a response from you 24-hours a day. A message or series of messages delivered automatically from your website can provide a hands-off way for you to provide a sample of your services, sales information or answers to frequently asked questions.

And that's not all! Consider the added value to your customers and clients (and the added revenue for you) of adding e-books, tutorial packages, learning guides or other products. The possibilities are endless!

(c) Linda Dessau, 2005.

Linda Dessau is a writer and coach. Through her "Newsletter Assist" and "You Talk It, I'll Write It" writing services, she helps coaches and other solo professionals promote their business with email newsletters and create passive revenue streams with written information products. Find out more at:

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