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6 Secrets to Stellar Sales Presentations

Every sale is won or lost in the presentation. Regardless of product, industry, or market every sale has the same basic components: A prospect who wants a product, a product, and a sales person who will or will not help that customer buy. These 6 secrets will help you make presentations that build your customers understanding and excitement to a point where they will buy from you right now. The operative word in right now selling is VALUE if a customer sees the value of your product they are sold if they do not they won't buy. This 6-step process will give you the secrets to building value in a way that your customers react to over and over again.

1. Make a "Big Fat Claim"

Every Presentation needs a "Big Fat Claim" (B.F.C.) when you start your presentation you should have an obvious value for your clients that makes them say "well how do you do that". Your B.F.C. should hint at a solution to a real problem your customers have. Then the rest of the presentation backs up the claim.

When sells, websites in the retail space the Big Fat Claim is "Never Pay for Website Updates Again!" It focuses on the core benefit of the service and tells the client exactly what they can expect to get.

2. Tell 'em How It's Done

Directly after presenting the big fat claim you have to back it up with a quick one or two sentence explanation of how you do what you claim. This will build your credibility and allows the customer to say: "oh that makes sense" or "I never would have thought of that". This step of the presentation is to introduce the idea that makes the "Big Fat Claim" possible and actually takes it from a sensational idea to a reality. This step is the difference between hype and a solid sales presentation.

Our "How it's Done" is "We have built a dynamic platform that, allows you to update the website for yourself eliminating the need to pay a web designer to make simple changes to your site." Here you go from the benefit to the customer to the feature that makes it possible.

3. Present Your Credentials

This is the point where you shift gears, give a little background information on your company, and tell the 30-second story of how you got to where you are now. Tell people why you decided to sell what you sell. What were the motivating factors for you?

I tell people "I was in the industry for years, but when I saw this product I realized that there was no way I could compete with it as an individual so I got in contact with the creators and worked out a deal that allows me to share it with you."

This little bit of personal information helps build trust and rapport

4. Ask Leading Questions

Directly after telling your story you need to initiate a conversation that intertwines your product and the clients vision. Before you present list the top 10 benefits of your product then creating questions that dove tail into those benefits.

As an example: Ask the question "do you mail brochures or other information to out of town clients that request it?"

(Prospect Answers)

"With a well built website you could direct people to your site while they are on the phone and show them the product information immediately while it's high on their priority list."

By leading with the question, you can make your benefit oriented point in a way that connects directly to the clients situation.

5. Close it on the Spot

Always end a sales call with a movement to the next phase of your selling process. At the very least, you need to get the prospect to commit to your next meeting and decide what will happen at that meeting. The ideal situation is you do the paperwork and set an appointment to pick up detailed information you need to complete the process.

For a great close, first refer to your Big Fat Claim and ask if the client what they are going to do with the key benefit, then ask for the order.

Example: Mr. prospect what do you plan to do with the money you will save on web site updates.

Prospect answers:

that sounds like a good idea. Our next step is to set up your account; I'll need your signature on this agreement, and a check for $428.

A simple trial close -close like this allows your customer to tell you if they have an unanswered question about your product or give you the go ahead without a lot of pressure.

6. Rehash What They Get

Right before leaving the table take a moment to review what did the client just pay you for, What are they supposed to do next, and what extra service might help them move forward.

Example: We are going to build you a 10 page website with (recite page names) and we're going to design it in blue and orange and use the logo you provide via e-mail. You'll send that e-mail to me at then it will take us about 10 days to complete your website design. While we're setting up your account, would you like to purchase a copy of our internet promotion manual so that you have a running start on promoting your new site?

Follow this six-step checklist and you will give stronger presentations that close more deals for you and give a higher value to your services. Go one-step at a time from moderate interest to a value your customer can't ignore. So to review the steps:

  • Make A Big Fat Claim

  • Tell 'Em How it's Done

  • Present Your Credentials

  • Ask Leading Questions

  • Close It On The Spot

  • Rehash What They Get

    Commit to these six steps in every presentation and you will see a dramatic increase in the number of yeses you get.

    About The Author

    Carl recruits, trains, and Coaches Resellers in Glasstree, Inc.'s unique private label reseller program where anyone can build their own business selling updateable websites to small businesses and individuals. Get your free guide to running your own private labeled website business at

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