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Mulch Your Spring Bulbs In The Fall For A Beautiful Spring Display
Flower bulbs need a good, long, winters sleep. Like some people we know, if they wake up before they are fully rested, they get kind of cranky, and then they don't bloom well at all.

Protecting your Garden Pond from Pesky Predators
Notice any fish disappearing lately? While herons are presentyear-round, water gardeners notice the challenges they bring tothe pond in spring and early summer when herons feed their young.An adult heron needs about 13 ounces of food daily, which isequivalent to three 6" koi.
Science Cant Explain Everything!
You will know that if you have spent at least some time reflecting on the world around you, some things cannot be explained in purely scientific terms. Armies of scientists and researchers swarm in labs around the world trying to take the mystery out of every bit of wonder we witness.
Pond Filter
A pond filter is one of the most important components for your pond, without one your pond water would get really mucky. The kind you need depends on its size and whether or not you have any fish.
Flowers and Butterflies, the Perfect Combination!
Spring is coming fast and with it the colors of the world come to life. The spring season is not just a time for the gardens to bloom, but a season for the butterfly to come to life as well.
Fall is the Time to Get Your Garden Trees and Shrubs Ready for Winter: Heres What to Do
Tips for winter care of trees and shrubsWith the garden season drawing to a close, it's awfully tempting to forget about your plants. But you should continue to water all woody plants - especially newly planted trees and shrubs and all evergreens.
How To Build A Waterfall
The number one, most asked question that I receive about water features is "How do I build a waterfall?"The first advice I give is to visit natural waterfalls or at least look at photos. Don't try to memorize just how they look.
Orchid Care - What The Root Tells Us
Orchid Care Part 4 Diseases of the RootsOur final part in orchid care part 4 is about the roots of the plant. This is the heart and soul of the plant.
Flowers Wilting? Tips for Making Your Flowers Last Longer
We all know one disadvantage of flowers is that they don't last very long. While they are here they bring happiness and warmth to any dull decorating space.
Spring Garden Tips
Gardeners, it's time to put your gardening skills to the test. If temperatures are cooperating, the merry months of May and June will be your busiest until September, with planning, planting, and patio projects to lead the way into summer.
Storm Warnings For Ponds
California has earthquakes; we in the south and east coast have hurricanes. One thing we all share is power outages.
Planting Roses
The art of planting roses doesn't have to be a complicated thing to do. When you have the right knowledge there is no limit to how beautiful a garden or rosebush that you can create.
Layer Your Plantings
Part three in a seriesIn our last article, we helped you layout your new landscape. In this article we'll explore which plants to put where and what makes an effective landscape.
Solar Garden Lights
Solar lights are very popular for lighting yards and gardens. They are virtually maintenance free, easy to install, and cost almost nothing to run.
Poly Tarps: More Than Meets The Eye
To many people, "tarp" conjures an image of a crumpled canvas in the corner of the garage, or maybe that shiny blue plastic sheet in the hardware store.But tarps are the beneficiary of some of the best technology in textile and chemical treatments.
Greenhouse Calamities - Thoughts from a Novice Gardener
Greenhouses are a great addition to anyone's garden. They come in all different sizes and you can nestle them right where you want them and with smaller versions of greenhouses you can move them quite easily.
Adirondack Chairs - The Proper Way to Care for Them
The Adirondack chair is unlike any other chair every made. First designed by Thomas Lee in the early 1900s, this chair is amazingly comfortable, very affordable, and a chair that could easily be used for indoor furniture or outdoors by the pool or perhaps on the deck or patio.
The Perfect Porch Swing
There is a magical quality to porch swings. In his summertime classic Dandelion Wine, Ray Bradbury describes the "ritual of the front-porch swing.
Hand Feeding your Koi
One of the most rewarding and entertaining things about having aKoi pond is when your fish finally start eating out of your hand.There is no better way to learn each fishes' personality andtemprament than to have them nuzzle your fingers when they arehungry.
Lawn Care Business Owners - Dont Buy Yourself A Job
Most businesses consist of the owner only or the owner and a few employees. The owner continues to do the same activity whether it is labor or crew management for many years.