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The Secret Of Discovering Your Own Profitable Passion

Many people have stated that they would like to create an on line business but they don't have any idea where to start.I have seen people make the mistake of throwing up a website and creating a product without looking the basics first and then wondering why they haven't been able to get any traffic or customers.

I have noticed that people can be surprised when I tell them, that the first and most important step to take is to look inwards. This is also the first step in communication mastery. For you must first know yourself and know what it is you want to do before you can communicate that to others and and take the necessary steps to achieving your goals.

Some questions that you can ask yourself are:

  • What do I like to do,
  • What are my areas of interests
  • Where to my skills lie
  • How do I like to accomplish things
  • What is my passion
  • What would my ideal life look like
  • And more importantly...
  • What area would I enjoy spending many hours working on and learning more of?
  • This is important because if you hate what you are doing then you are not going to get very far.Once you are clear on your passion, you can then start to do some market research to find out is there is a market for your area. There are many resources and places that you can do this.

    One of them is When you type in a word it will show you how many people have search for that word or description.If 5000 or more people did a search on that name or phrase, then your odds of doing well are looking up. However, if only a few people type it in, then you probably won't do well in that area. That said, further investigation is required. First, try typing in different combination of words and different variations on a word. If you are not sure what to use, a thesaurus can help you. If you don't have one handy, there are several on line versions.

    Next would be to look at other resources. There are several sites and software programs that can help you in your endeavours.

    For example:

  • WordTraffic
  • These can help you to define your area an help you focus on the most probalble area for success.

    There are other things to consider to help you decide on the feasibility of your area.

    They are:

  • What is the competition like.
  • Who are the competition
  • What are their websites
  • How successful are they
  • Is the market swamped in this area
  • Is there an aspect of this area that no one has looked at
  • Are there books on the subject and how many
  • Is my area narrowly defined into a specific niche
  • Once that is complete, you can start looking at your benefits. Make sure that you are listing benefits and not features. It is the benefits that convince people.For example if you were selling books for people with poor eye sight.Large print is a feature, ease of reading is a benefit.

    With that in mind, ask your self:

  • How will this improve their lives
  • How does it help their business
  • How will this affect them
  • Will it save them money
  • How will it help them or their family get ahead
  • How does it help the environment
  • Does it improve their health
  • Can it save them time.
  • Once you have completed this you are well on your way to creating a solid foundation on which to build.To find out how to discover who your target market is read; The Secret Of Focused Responsive List

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    All the Best!
    Maria Boomhower
    The Master Communicator
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    09/23/2017 09:22 AM
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    With internet marketing, you can nail them precisely on your site without hassle. Lastly, it holds people's attention. In magazines and newspapers, people might see some advertisements on the article, but there's no way they'll put their attention to it.
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    Is Your Funnel Earning Automatically?
    If you think about what's living in the ocean, you'll realize there's everything from so-small-you-can't-see-it plankton, to whales the size of apartment buildings. The same holds true for people on your lists and in your funnels.
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    In online business, content writing and marketing are the catchwords. Why? Well as you know my beloved readers, everything in life has gone online and so the entire world now becomes our market place.
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    Common Misconceptions People Have About Remarketing
    Remarketing is an effective marketing strategy that gives you the opportunity to target the audience who have already shown their interest in your products and services but don't reach to conversion. If you did it properly and professionally, so, it will give you incredible results for the betterment of your business. It plays a vital role in boosting up your conversion rate, building brand awareness, and increasing the ROI.
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    How To Create A Digital Marketing Strategy
    Almost every good business or individual curates a digital marketing strategy at some point. But if this is your first time seeing this term, it's basically a set of actions that help achieve your vision via digital marketing. As attractively difficult as the term 'strategy' is, it doesn't have to be like that. Almost anyone can come up with it. This strategy, as well as almost all others, is a plan of achieving a certain goal set - if you want 30% more visitors in one month - that's certainly a goal you can include in your strategy!
    08/30/2017 09:48 AM
    Targeting A Market - Here Are 5 Things To Consider When Trying To Target Your Market
    Entrepreneurs underestimate the role that marketing has in a business. Marketing is the heart and soul of a business, in my opinion. It is the force that drives people to your website. Most people fail in online businesses and start-ups because they do not know how to market their products and services. according to business magazine, it was found that 5 out of 12 businesses fail due to poor marketing campaigns. Today I will share with you 5 things to consider before starting your marketing campaign.
    08/27/2017 12:38 PM
    How To Start Your Online Business With Less Than $100
    Most people know about advantage of starting online business: You don't need to hire any shops, pay for rent a restaurant... However, it's not easy at the first time. You need to be serious with successful internet business.
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    How to Leverage Social Momentum for Your Business Growth
    Nowadays, growing a business entails a lot. While every business wishes to thrive in their given industry, increasingly producing unrealistic gains prevents most of them from building the kind of sustainable and reliable growth that successful businesses depend on.
    08/25/2017 11:34 AM
    5 Incredible Digital Marketing Tactics for Online Startups
    Many clients often come to me looking for effective digital marketing tactics for their online startups. Most of them are always worried about the price they should spend in order to fund the marketing campaigns. But I always tell them that the price doesn't matter - what matters most is the marketing strategy. It should be outstanding and effective. Yes, the price comes later after creating an effective digital marketing strategy. Your online business will require you to implement effective digital marketing strategies to achieve positive results. In other words, a good strategy gives you a clear roadmap of where you are headed. Trust me, without a proper strategy; it is hard to determine whether the results you achieved are positive or negative.
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    This article will let you know about CRM & it's different features. It will also let you know about the various benefits of using CRM for your business & how it affects the businesses.
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    How To Start My Own Online Business in 5 Simple Steps
    In the current age, the internet has become one of the most powerful money-generating tools. Personally, I am one of the beneficiaries of the internet. Well, before I got my breakthrough, I was always keen on how to start my own online business. At first, it seemed impossible, but today I can testify that it has been a fruitful journey so far. That said, I'll walk you through the steps you need to take to help you achieve your goal and be successful with your online business.
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    Why Internet Marketing Is Important for Small Business
    Internet Marketing is like the directions on the road of marketing. This comparison is in itself the answer. Our age of ever-growing market with the strings of technology has made it a compulsion to lay our hands on the digital space and validate our existence.
    08/24/2017 03:04 PM
    Top 3 Pieces of Advice for Choosing a Digital Agency for Your Business
    SEO and social media have been labelled the most difficult digital marketing tactics to execute, which may be the reason why around 82% of companies outsource all or a proportion of their digital marketing. This is a considerable step for any businesses to undertake, and it is most certainly not one without an element of risk. However, careful consideration in identifying the right digital marketing agency for your business' requirement will ensure that you are generating greater amounts of revenue and a healthy return-on-investment.
    08/23/2017 03:47 PM
    Things To Keep In Mind For Content Marketing
    This article tells different ways of how to make your content more effective. Content marketing is very important in today's digital world so this article will tell you different ways of making it more effective in order to get more readers.
    08/23/2017 03:04 PM
    Competitive Content Analysis: Know Your Rival
    Conducting a competitive analysis is a great way to learn what works (and what doesn't) for your opposition in the industry. By painstakingly researching your competitor's strategies, your brand will be able to set an effective content marketing strategy.
    08/23/2017 03:01 PM
    Why Learn Digital Marketing?
    Digital media has become a direct channel between a brand and its consumers. With more and more people spending more and more time on various digital platforms, brands are reaching out via these channels to market themselves, at the same time develop a personal connect with the audience. Know more about the importance of learning Digital Marketing and the scope of learning of Digital marketing over traditional marketing in the present days.
    08/23/2017 02:49 PM
    How to Increase Online Sales in 2017
    Internet is no longer limited to providing information. Most successful business owners have long been using the internet to offer different products and services through their own eCommerce sites. However, competition has becoming more intense in the online business community.
    08/23/2017 08:01 AM
    How to Become An Expert When Going Into a New Niche
    In order to be seen as an expert, you must have real niche knowledge and build on this knowledge continuously. Don't worry, it is not difficult. People just do not think it can be done.
    08/23/2017 07:58 AM
    How To Make Money As An Expert Online
    In order for you to make money as an expert, you DO NOT have to teach something unique. You only need to put YOUR spin on it. Think about it.
    08/22/2017 04:08 PM
    6 Simple Internet Marketing Tactics (That Don't Cost A Penny)
    Internet marketing allows you to connect with potential prospects and customers from all over the world. It pushes visitor traffic to your website, increases recognition for your business, boosts brand reputation and ultimately helps you to sell your products and services.
    08/22/2017 11:57 AM
    How to Start Influencer Marketing Campaigns That Work
    Looking to start your influencer marketing campaign? This article helps you how to create a successful Influencer Marketing campaign for your brand.
    08/22/2017 10:36 AM
    Marketing Techniques for Mobile Apps
    Ideas on how to market your app or mobile game for free. Utilize your community and the internet to build an audience.
    08/22/2017 08:51 AM
    On-Page SEO - Know the Tricks to Enhance Your Page's Ranking
    The need for On-Page SEO gets intense for a website to flourish. On-Page SEO is a strategy that is applied to a site for enhancing its search ranking and also for attracting more visitors.

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