Depression Information

Depression Information

Chronic Depression: Disease or Charcter Flaw?

A major survey on depression symptoms from the National Mental Health Association (NMHA), released in july 2001, revealed adramatic degree of progress in public understanding. Yet even amid this promising trend, the survey sheds light on thedifficulties faced by millions of people striving to manage this sometimes chronic, life-long illness.

The Patients Guide to Vagus Nerve Stimulation and Depression

INTRODUCTION Everybody has a story. My story is the one I know best and can write about.

Depression in Teenagers: Now What Can We Do?

No doubt you have seen the recent news headlines about a federal panel that recommended to the FDA that anti-depressant medications carry the strongest possible warning label for use in children and teenagers. This recommendation to the FDA shook the medical community, especially those who work with depressed young people.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome And Depression Are Not The Same Thing!

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a very misunderstood illness and this is perhaps why there are so many myths about it. Perhaps the most common myth about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is that it is effectively a mental condition, and another name for depression.

New Treatment for Chronic Depression

Vagus Nerve Stimulation for Chronic Treatment-Resistant Depression About Vagus Nerve Stimulation VNS is not brain surgery, although it is a treatment that affects the function of the brain. Vagus Nerve Stimulation uses specific stimulation of the vagus nerve to send stimulation to specific parts of the brain that are involved in mood.

ADHD and Depression -- More Common Than Thought

"Thanks for Noticin' Me" says Eeyore. He walks slowly.

5 Tips to Reduce Depression

While war and poor economic conditions begin to affect people all over the world, more and more people suffer with depression. The more we focus on news events and the business climate, the more we are depressed.

7 Things You Can Do Immediately To Ease Depression

1. Get out now and walk fifteen minutes.

Is it ADHD or is it Depression?

During the assessment process it is of great importance for the physician or clinician to consider other possible causes of inattention, impulsivity, or hyperactivity in your child, or teen, or yourself. In fact, this is probably the most important element of a good assessment.

St Johns Wort and Depression

The bright yellow flower of the St Johns Wort (hypericum perforatum) with it's ray-like petals, represents the power of the sun that forces away the darkness. This already points to the anti-depressant effects of the St Johns Wort which are highly respected, even in conventional medicine.

Adult Men and Women Who Suffer From Chronic Depression

Market surveys on women, men and depression suggest an estimated 4.4 million Americans are believed to suffer from chronic treatment-resistant depression.

Know the Signs of Depression and Improve Your Life

Typical signs of depression actually show a change in the way a person has come to think about himself."I just can't get myself to do any work around the house.

A Look at the Different Depression and Anxiety Medications

While it may be easy to recite the various brand names and generalize their benefits enough to know they put us (or are supposed to put us) in a better mood, for lack of a better term, the drugs themselves can all be categorized individually, each working in a slightly different way.The following is a list and very brief description, by category, of depression and anxiety medications currently prescribed by physicians.

Vagus Nerve Stimulation and Depression

Vagus Nerve Stimulation for Chronic or Treatment-Resistant DepressionAbout Vagus Nerve Stimulation(VNS)VNS is not brain surgery, although it is a treatment that affects the function of the brain. Vagus Nerve Stimulation uses specific stimulation of the vagus nerve to send stimulation to specific parts of the brain that are involved in mood.

5 Super Effective Tips To Kill Depression

Being lonely is a normal part of our everyday lives. We get sad when we fail in our exams, when we're rejected by the person we love, or when someone very close to uspasses away.

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07/26/2017 11:13 AM
Depression, Depression: The Cancer That Is Killing Many, Slowly
What is Depression? Feeling of continuous misery, melancholy and sadness is broadly categorized as depression. No one knows the real cause of Depression getting triggered in teenagers or adults, but, what we know is that the term exists and the symptoms are at times very hidden.
07/25/2017 09:11 AM
Different Types Of Herbal Remedies For Depression For Vata, Pitta And Kapha Depressions
Mostly, depressions occur due to the imbalance of Kapha, which in turn, leads to the imbalance of other two doshas: Pitta and Vata. The use of herbs like cinnamon, ginger, cumin, and Gotu kola is great in this type of depression.
07/10/2017 12:12 PM
I Am Depressed!
A little something for kids and teenagers to think about...
05/31/2017 09:50 AM
Depression: A Strong Predictor of Death
Cardiovascular diseases and depression are some of the most common disorders seen in developed countries. These health issues can tremendously affect one's quality of life and increase the economic burden on him or her. The relationship between heart diseases and depression have been a subject of popular interest and scientific research.
05/31/2017 09:49 AM
Reducing Rumination Can Help Manage Depressive Symptoms
Depression is a serious mental disorder that alters the functions of the brain. In 2015, over 16.1 million adults had at least one major depressive episode in the past year in the United States. In some ways, depression can change a person's state of mind by provoking negative thinking and low mood that interfere with his or her daily life.
05/17/2017 08:00 AM
Collaborative Care: Setting Milestones in Mental Health
When it comes to delivery of mental health services across the age groups, older adults are likely to get the short end of the stick. Although great advancements have been made in the reduction of mortality rates and improvement of health and overall well-being, mental health care providers continue to predominantly exclude older adults. This is a major public health concern that not only threatens the United States, but the entire world.
04/24/2017 09:23 AM
Resident Doctors Are More Prone to Depression, Feel Experts
Affecting nearly 6.7 percent of American adults every year, depression is one of the most common mental disorders in the United States. Though word "depression" is often used as a synonym for sadness, it is much more than that - a serious mental disorder that needs immediate medical treatment. Untreated depression can lead to chronic mental disorder or induce suicidal thoughts in the patient.
04/18/2017 10:57 AM
Fighting Depression Naturally
When you're depressed your energy levels can drop drastically, but the last thing you want to do when feeling down is to keep yourself from getting up. It's a physiological fact that activity fights depression.
04/16/2017 03:55 PM
What Is Depression and How to Cope Up With It?
There are a number of factors that can contribute to the onset of depression in an individual. The disorder is mostly a result of large events that have a negative impact on a person's life.
04/02/2017 11:40 AM
Depression: Can Someone Think Their Way Out Of Depression?
It is often said that it can be a lot harder for one to have a mental and emotional problem than it can be for them to have a physical problem. And there are a number of reasons as to why this is.
03/27/2017 10:59 AM
How Alcohol Addiction May Affect Mental Health
Alcohol happens to be the most preferred go-to thing for Americans, whether someone wants to de-stress after a long day at work or spending an evening with friends. Sadly, the booze is like a customary for most people. Despite being the leading cause of preventable deaths, alcohol is marketed openly and projected in the media as a positive substance.
03/24/2017 09:33 AM
Five Qualities Integrative Psychotherapists Must Have
Integrative psychotherapy has acquired widespread popularity all across the globe. However, the success of this kind of process depends largely on the therapist. Ideal psychotherapists must have the necessary qualities to offer best treatments to his patients.
03/23/2017 09:42 AM
Learning Ways to Effectively Deal With Depression
Depression is one of the most common mental health disorders in the United States. As per the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), in 2015, more than 16 million adults in the country suffered from at least one major depressive episode in the previous year.
03/17/2017 09:07 AM
Causes of Depression in Women
Living with depression is highly challenging since it involves intense emotions of extreme negativity, hopelessness, anxiety and even suicidal tendencies. Although it can happen to anyone, one must not take it lightly since it can affect almost every aspect of one's life, be it physical or mental health, relationships or work.
03/10/2017 09:06 AM
Depression Can Strike Anyone at Anytime
When someone is diagnosed with a physical illness, we tend to rally round them with open support. But when we discover that someone is battling with depression, we often feel unsure of what to say or how to even approach the subject. This article looks closely at depression and how it can come to anyone of us at any time.
03/03/2017 08:32 AM
Beat Depression Post Chronic Illness
For many people who have been diagnosed with a chronic illness, life becomes synonymous to negativity and hopelessness. This is because chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease or HIV/AIDS cannot be cured completely so far, and hence, take a heavy toll on such patients, even emotionally. They often lose all purpose in life.
02/25/2017 11:05 AM
Why Your Mental Illness Struggle Is Inspiring
Dear Fred, Your mental illness struggle is inspiring. I know you will disagree, but I hope you will read this letter and come to understand that you really are an inspiration...
02/20/2017 07:58 AM
Postpartum Depression - Postpartum Psychosis
This is a major depression occurring shortly before or more likely within four weeks after a pregnancy. The incidence is approximately 10% of pregnancies. Postpartum depression may last up to a year (20%) left untreated.
02/10/2017 11:58 AM
Silent Suffering
Is the Black hole of sadness or blues weighing you down?Depression: one of the most talked about issues today but unfortunately not a single permanent cure has been untapped. We live in a contemporary society, however an appling downside is that people who suffer from depression, are perhaps looked down by our society. Often we keep sermonizing about this scourge, but just cogitate the state of mind of a depressed one? What he/she might be going through or experiencing? Dozens of careful analysis have been done and the numbers trapped in this vicious cycle are an eye opener for all.Normally when a depressed person approaches his/her family, relatives or friends for help we simply ignore him/her, jape or upbraid the individual. Basically the general tendency is to flan the flames and simply walk away. This is one of the grievous action that aggravates the problem and therefore needs hooking attention.
02/01/2017 08:40 AM
The Purpose of 'Unhealthy' Emotions
nger, sadness, jealousy, hurt. Four unhealthy, unproductive, unpalatable emotions. But also, catalysts for transformation.
01/30/2017 03:26 PM
10 Things to Help You Understand Depression
When someone you love suffers from depression, it can be difficult to know what they're going through and how you can help. Often you may find yourself just as confused as the victim. However, there are some things that you should attempt to understand.
01/27/2017 10:48 AM
Gardening Makes You Happy
Scientists have finally proved that gardening makes you happy; confirming what gardeners, farmers and kids who play in the dirt have been saying for centuries. Studies have proven that the two brain neurotransmitters, serotonin, and dopamine, responsible for regulating moods and feeling pleasure, are boosted by gardening.
01/27/2017 09:26 AM
Magnesium - An Unexplored Method to Treat Depression
In today's times when stress has become a second habit, a large number of people are wrestling with the problem of depression. Despite the fact that it is so common, the condition is not so well understood and any kind of sadness is merely perceived to be a case of mood swings.
01/27/2017 08:24 AM
Why I Cannot Tell You About My Mental Illness
Dear friend, thank you for your interest, but I cannot share with you, for I fear you won't understand. You can't possibly understand. And even if you would understand, me thinking you don't or can't won't help me open up to you, nor does it ever help when I think you could be judging me without letting on.
01/23/2017 02:52 PM
Coach Your Way Out Of Depression
If people were offered a coach instead of a drug, we could transform a generation. We don't need to be numbed from another type of substance available to us. We need to be lifted to our highest potential. Lifted to becoming the person we deep down know we are capable of being. Coaching can help this process. I know because it's worked for me.
01/23/2017 10:46 AM
Understanding the Correlation Between Insomnia and Depression
Feeling sad and low due to stress at work and home is a part of life. However, when such emotions persist long enough to overwhelm a person and disrupt daily routine, it is a symptom of depression. Depression is a severe mental health issue that affected approximately 16.1 million American adults aged 18 or above at least once in 2014. The above data once again underlines the growing menace of depression.
01/22/2017 10:19 AM
Your Depression As Proof of Your Being and Purpose
Love is Blindness by U2 is a song, for me at least, that proves a universal truth. Sad songs drip with truth. They speak to the spirit, opening the door to the soul.
01/01/2017 09:20 AM
Depression: Can Feeling Helpless Cause Someone To Be Depressed?
There can be times when someone's life will go how they want it to and times when it won't. It could be said that this is simply part of life, and not something that can be changed.
12/28/2016 08:50 AM
Christmas Holidays May Lead to Depression in Some People
Christmas is supposed to be the happiest time of the year, when people are cheerful themselves and spread joy around through active participation. However, the holiday season may not be joyful for everyone. Many people feel a burden of grief during this time of year. And in most of the cases, the culprit is not a person or his circumstances, but the depressive symptoms that come along this season.
12/28/2016 08:49 AM
Ignoring Depression Can Be Life-Threatening
Sally (name changed) was the apple of her father's eye. Her father, a Vietnam war veteran, was always away when she was growing up. She missed her father, especially on the occasions like her birthday, Christmas and Thanksgiving. Life was going fine, but tragedy struck on her 13th birthday when suddenly she heard that her father was no more.
12/28/2016 08:46 AM
Female Prisoners Are Prone to Co-Existing Conditions
The female prison population in America has been at an all-time high owing to extensive law enforcement efforts and leading to more stringent drug sentencing laws. According to the 2015 report by "The Sentencing Project," a research and advocacy center working for the effective U.S.
12/27/2016 08:49 AM
5 Signs That Antidepressants Are Ineffective
Major depressive disorder, commonly known as depression, is a mood disorder which makes a person experience sudden mood swings and inability to handle everyday tasks, such as eating, sleeping, etc. According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), approximately 16.1 million American adults had at least one major depressive episode in 2014.
12/21/2016 08:18 AM
Cocaine Users Are More Prone to Depressive Behavior
Overwhelming feelings of dejection, loneliness, inability to fall asleep, insensibility and digestive disorders are some of the manifestations of depression which can wreak havoc on an individual's overall well-being. Life-shattering experiences often drive people insane, rendering them vulnerable to using mind-altering substance to alleviate their suffering.
12/21/2016 08:08 AM
Including Walnuts in Their Diet May Help Young Men Improve Their Mood
The benefits of eating walnuts, often regarded as a wonder food, are plenty. Walnuts are good not only for physical health, but also for mental health of young adults, especially men, says a recent study by the University of New Mexico (UNM).
12/20/2016 08:30 AM
Music Therapy Can Help Manage Depression in Teens and Children: Study
It is said that music has a universal language which knows no barriers. Music is also divine and has the ability to heal. Listening to music can be soothing and it caresses the bruised soul. Now, a team of researchers from the Bournemouth University, Poole in England and the Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland have found that music therapy also has the power to minimize depression in children and teens with behavioral and emotional problems.
12/09/2016 09:14 AM
Losses of Depression - When You Can No Longer Feel
One of the greatest challenges in the battle for mental health is the weakness we experience because we can no longer feel. What a dreadful satire life is when we plummet to this influx point.
12/07/2016 08:11 AM
Is Inflammation the Root Cause of Depression?
There are many contributing factors for depression. Inflammation can play role in depression. What causes inflammation and how can you help the condition by improving your diet.
12/06/2016 02:16 PM
How Depression Impacts Men
Believing that only women and weak men are victims of depression does not really hold true as the number of male patients being diagnosed with the mental disorder is increasing by the day. Anyone, including the strongest of men, can be affected by depression, which can have a long-lasting impact on their physical and psychological well-being.
12/05/2016 08:12 AM
Experience of Breakdown and Recovery of Hope
Something that occurs regularly enough for me is the experience of breakdown and the recovery of hope. Acute fatiguing attacks where my soul is spiritually weary precedes a resurrection, but it would be unfair to overlook the value of being emotionally decimated.
12/02/2016 12:31 PM
How to Fight Depression in Men
When you feel depressed, don't suppress it, in fact, you are right when you express it. Before now, depression is thought of as women's problem, usually expressed by them as a feeling of worthlessness and sadness. While women show signs and symptoms of depression.
12/01/2016 09:41 AM
Depression: Don't Let It Take Over
Depression can easily make a person feel like they cannot get out of bed in the morning. It can make living life seem pointless, work worse than it already is and it can have a disastrous effect on relationships. Everyone gets depressed at times, but when it last longer than usual, it's time to act. These tips will help individuals become happier and will drastically lessen the impact that depression has on their life.
11/30/2016 09:20 AM
Importance of Integrated Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders
Co-occurring disorders or dual diagnosis refers to a condition where a person is suffering from two problems - usually a mental health problem and a substance abuse issue - existing side by side. A coexisting condition can appear in many different combinations, such as an eating disorder alongside a substance abuse problem. An individual suffering from depression could also be struggling with an addiction to drugs like heroin, cocaine, marijuana and so on.
11/28/2016 02:54 PM
The Best Way Out Of Depression
Over the years, I have spent a fortune on over coming depression. And after years of trying various types of therapy and paying a fortune for the privileged, I have finally found an answer that is not only free but is insanely simple. What could be better? But having the discipline to apply it everyday is pre-requisite.
11/25/2016 07:46 PM
One Day's Depression in a Deluge of Discouragement
Dark clouds descend like smoke over the highway of our day, bringing spiritual progress to a standstill. Purpose wanes mysteriously. Everything becomes an effort.
11/21/2016 10:32 AM
Depression - Bravery and Safe Exposure for Vulnerability
Mental ill-health is either bigger now than ever or it's just being reported more - or both. Certainly, there's less stigma, but the more aware we are of our mental health, the more we'll feel its bite. Awareness works both for and against us. For instance, noticing the early warning signs of depression helps us respond quicker and more effectively so we recover better. But, equally, the more we think about depression, the more we may be prone to it.
11/16/2016 08:17 AM
Exploring the Link Between Chronic Sinus Infection and Depression
A stuffy nose and a prolonged irritable cough can make anyone feel low. Swollen, itchy eyes, accompanied by a constant feeling of pressure at the center of the forehead, can amplify mental stress and wreck one's mood. Needless to say, the resulting headache and difficulty in breathing may cause feelings of despair, resulting in troubles with daily activities.
11/16/2016 08:12 AM
Fighting Post-Divorce Depression and Loneliness
Divorce can take a heavy toll on the lives of those involved. The feelings of anger, loss, confusion and betrayal can be overwhelmingly painful. For those who have undergone divorce, it can be extremely tough to even imagine what it takes to part ways with a loved one.
11/10/2016 10:56 AM
Co-Occurring Disorders Are Prevalent in the US
A chaotic and frustrating environment at home, forced Joe (name changed) to spend more time outside. It was a relief to be away from the depressive environment of his home. It was in high school that he first smoked weed and started drinking each night.
11/10/2016 10:54 AM
Managing Your Partner's Bad Moods
As with many things in life, a relationship with one's better half is a double-edged sword. Though it is a wonderful feeling to want someone and be wanted in return, but even such a bond comes with its own challenges.
11/04/2016 02:44 PM
Understanding Medication or Substance-Induced Depression
Everyone experiences bouts of stress and anxiety at some point in his or her life. Butterflies in one's stomach before a job interview, having clammy hands while going through an embarrassing social situation or cold sweats trickling down when thinking of a challenge, all can be attributed to increased levels of physical and mental stress. In most of the cases, it could be a normal transitory phase.

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