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Need Money for College?

Finding money for college can be a challenge for many students and their families. While saving in advance is the best choice, many times saving money for college is not easy for families.

Five Steps To Choosing A College

My name is Debbie Ross. The information I have about my journey in finding a college can help both parents and students alike.

Student Financial Guide is Your Guide to College Success

The Student Financial Guide website is divided into categories pertaining to pre college resources, during college experiences, post college challenges, investing, news, and even a forum where you can chat with other members looking for advice or just wanting to chat.Preparing for college is very important and that's why the Student Financial Guide covers topics on budgeting and planning for your college years.

College Entertainment for Less

Most of these activities are free or very cheap:* Campus music or dance recitals* College theater productions* Guest speakers* Poetry readings* Museum tours* Sports-either participate or go route for your school* Film and video showings* Art openings* Clubs on campusIf you are looking to stray away from campus here are some off campus fun frugal ideas:* Go watch a local band, they usually play at bars but the cover is usually $5-$10 to sit and enjoy and be in a sociable setting* Go to the movies, catch the matinee film during the day when prices are less expensive* Explore natural parks or recreation facilities where you can work out or simply enjoy the surrounding* If you have a pool in your apartment complex or have friends that do, gather round and soak up the rays and have some fun.* If you are in cold climates, go sledding in the wintertime, it's an activity that you're never too old for.

College Without A High School Diploma - Possible?

Don't give up your dream of enrolling in an onlineuniversity just because you didn't get your high schooldiploma. Although most colleges (online and otherwise)require a high school diploma to enroll in any program thatgrants bachelor degrees, there are still several optionsavailable to students who lack the paper to prove that theygraduated high school.

What to Look For When Choosing an Online University

A college degree gives a person a guarantee of higher wages and a better job. Sadly, many Americans continue to go on without having a college degree.

Commercialisation of Higher Education in South Africa

Introduction and Literature ReviewSouth African education policies place priority on addressing historical education imbalances, but should also be sensitive to the demands of an ever-increasing global knowledge-driven environment. The educational system cannot be dominated by the needs of the domestic educational system of South Africa ignoring the trends exerted by the global world (OEDC Annual Report, 2004:44).

Balancing College Life and Academics

1. Control Your Schedule; Don't Let Your Schedule Control YouOrganization and time management skills are two of the most valuable skills you will ever have.

Student Moans and the Quarterlife Crisis

It's that time of year again when global issues take second place in the British media, to make space for the great 'A' level debate. Packed with case studies of "Laura achieved nine A grades and was still rejected from her first choice", you have to wonder how long students can maintain the will to study.

PCDI - The College and University Alternative for Working Professionals Pursuing Their Degrees

PCDI | Professional Career Development Institute - The College and University Alternative for Working Professionals Pursuing Their DegreesAre you a college dropout? Are you tired of being passed over for promotions because you don't have your college "degree"? How many times have you wanted to apply for a job, but the ad said "no need to apply unless you have a degree"?Unfortunately, this is happens more frequently than not. The federal government and other employers are notorious for hiring people with degrees in ANYTHING, even if it does not relate to their current job, just so they can market people with degrees.

Online Degree Program and Online Degree Programs

Online degree program is a good choice for busy individual's seeking a degree and continuing their education. There are many institutions online that offer online degree programs.

9 Lessons for Success in College - That Actually Make Sense

Most students know what it takes to be successful in college because some genius told them already. But here's the news flash: The prescription probably won't work.

Hospitality and Tourism Administration Program Opens Various Doors

Hospitality and Tourism Administration at Centennial College is geared towards those students who wish to seek employment in Canada's largest employment sector, which brings in an excess of $61 billion in revenue.

Hands Also Need Proper Care From Expertise

Today's world every one want to look beautiful from head to toe. Nail art comes in part of cosmetology. According to cosmetologist these nail art beauty technique is very old and but now its very popular in everywhere in today's time. Nail art procedure is perform under the supervision of specialized and trained cosmetologists.

How Does IT Training Help With Building Careers?

A sneak peek into the significance of IT training in Nigeria, a country whose economy is opening up to build a stronger infrastructure. A strong, technology backed skill set can help young Nigerians invest in the success of their careers and their country by default because of the industry's lucrative nature. Expect to see careers in all functions of IT gain huge popularity.